Enzian Cult Classic Movie Series now has a $10 poster series

Billy Davis and Lure Design is producing a series of posters coinciding with each film in the Enzian 2009 Cult Classic Movie Series going on now till November.

Each 18″ x 24″ poster is a limited edition, hand-pulled screen print that is numbered and signed by each designer.


Want to buy one? Go to the Cult Classic Movie Series at Enzian and buy one. You can only buy the poster for the movie that is playing that night, FYI. If you miss a screening but want the poster, we are possibly going to carry these posters at the first Mobile Art Show! (we just spoke with Enzian about this so this is a BIG maybe)

PS: Enzian is going to put the vote out to y'all to pick the remaining films in the series, except for the October one, which is 100% going to be "Poltergeist." Woo scary!