Chomp frank with Feldman

Brian Feldman is looking for two more people to join in his "Feldman’s Infamous Fourth of July International Hot Dog* Eating Contest" Saturday July 4th, 12pm-10pm. You read that right: 12 noon to 10pm at night. TEN HOURS.

Think you can take him? Zac Alfson does. He's already stepped up and committed to chomping dog* with Feldman. Two more are needed.

Oh and he also need a place to hold the contest at/in/on/underneath. I think the perfect place would be some rich person's 4th of July picnic. Imagine a performance artist and three nameless nobodies throating wieners for ten hours in your back yard! Much better than the dude playing guitar over Jimmy Buffer kareoke tracks you had last year. Maybe he would want to be in the contest this year? Get in touch with Brian Feldman.

*The hot dogs are Lightlife Foods vegan hot dogs.

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