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Downtown Orlando Information Center gets some information

The Downtown Arts District is "opening a new 400-square-foot gallery in Orlando that will highlight the work of six nonprofit organizations within the district" over the next year."

Those orgs are...Orange County Public Library

Wells Built Museum

Sak Comedy Lab

Florida Theatrical Association

Orlando Ballet

Orange County Regional History CenterHonestly, they're not so much opening a new gallery as using space at the Downtown Orlando Information Center (201 S. Orange Ave., Suite 102) currently filled with open space, a few chairs and bookshelves displaying empty Orlando-branded water bottles, according to a person I spoke with. However, I am glad the info center will have some sort of exhibit in there pushing something. Right now its got the visual interest of an airport bathroom.

Digital Media Seminar

“State-of-the-Digital Media-Industry” Digital Media Seminar

Digital Media Industry leaders to address future of key industry sectors, and sponsor Helios Interactive to launch GameCore 2.0 product, during Digital Media Alliance Florida’s June 30 DiMeNar at Full Sail University

All or the evening’s events will take place in Full Sail University’s Entertainment Business Building, located at 175 University Park Drive, Winter Park, Florida 32792 (at the corner of University Blvd. and Semoran Blvd/SR436).

There is no charge for this event. The evening’s proceedings will be videotaped.

Winter Park, FL June 26, 2009 – Florida’s digital media industry association, Digital Media Alliance Florida (DMAF), today announced the panel line-up and major sponsor for their quarterly Digital Media Seminar (DiMeNar) to be held the evening of June 30th, from 6:00 pm to 9:45 pm at the Entertainment Business building on Full Sail’s Winter Park campus.

DMAF also announced that Helios Interactive, a 3D gaming softw…

Taco Truck Taste Test #1 June 30 (TOMORROW!)

The stickers arrived today in "the office" for Tuesday's "Taco Truck Taste Test #1" muchachos! They're 4 inches by 4 inches, vinyl, and look just like the event's logo. I muy love them mucho and if you come to #TTTT, you can get one (or two if you want two) FREE! They're vinyl so I slapped one on the back of my car and it looks HOT.

Remember... #TTTT happens tomorrow, June 30, 2009, 6-7pm on Semoran. The directions are somewhere on this site. You come, you buy some food, you eat it, you rate it, and you drive off smelling like food. Quick, simple and if we're lucky, DELICIOUS.

Will's Pub Low Dough Mondays: 7pm-11pm

Urban Think Bookstore loses Infusion Tea and Cottage Industries

Urban Think Bookstore in Thornton Park* has some big changes ahead of it and none of them have to do with books.

The tea shop "Infusion Tea," located inside the store, is now closed. I was told what is taking its place, but was asked not to say on this blog yet. Its other location on Edgewater Drive is still open. Also, all of the locally-made art once displayed in an odd corner in the back of Urban THhink by the arts collective called "Cottage Industries," has been shipped off to its other location on Edgewater Drive, which it shares with Infusion Tea.

We were told the Edgewater Drive location of Cottage Industries is taking off rather. It is no longer being run by Infusion Tea, but by the artists themselves. And I found out the artist who made that floppy disk journal I wrote about weeks ago, almost sold out of all of her stock right before Fathers Day. Congratulations!

Some people think the readon Infusion didn't do well and Dandelion isn't doing well is t…

Orlando INTERNATIONAL Puppet Festival

Orlando Puppet Festival
July 10, 21, 25, 26
Orlando Shakespeare Theater | 812 E. Rollins St. Orlando, FL 32803
Orlando Repertory Theatre | 1001 East Princeton St. Orlando, FL 32803
Tickets: 407.896.7365x1 or

"No need to travel: The Orlando International Puppet Festival brings the world (of puppets from other countries) to you. IBEX Puppetry partners with The Orlando Repertory Theatre during the REP's annual Target Family Theatre Festival and co-hosts MicheLee Puppets and Pinocchio's Marionette Theatre."

SPAINEl Hombre Cigüeña ("The Stork Man")
by Los Titiriteros de Binéfar
Co-presented by MicheLee Puppets
Friday, July 10th @2pm & 7pm | all ages
Orlando Shakespeare Theater ($12)

FRANCEPoli Dégaine ("Punchy Draw")
by Compagnie La Pendue
Tuesday, July 21st @ 2pm & 7pm | Ages 12 & up
Orlando Repertory Theatre ($12)

Nosferatu ("Dracula")
by Bob Théâtre
Co-presented by Pinocchio's Marionette Theatre
Saturday July 25th @11am &…

Waldorf Astoria Orlando opening in October

The 497-room Waldorf Astoria Hotel is opening near Disney World in Orlando in October, bringing around 400 jobs with it. Hilton, the company that owns Waldorf Astoria, is also opening two other hotels, the 1,400 room Hilton Orlando near the convention center, and the 1,000-room Hilton Bonnet Creek near Disney World. In total, these three hotels will bring 1,450 new jobs to Orlando. For information on jobs in housekeeping, front office, food and beverage, banquets and spa staff go to

On the Waldorf Astoria website, I thought it was neat that amongst the 36 photos on their Photos page, they included 2 photos of Orlando arts events: the ballet and the symphony. Also on their Local Attractions page, they list the Orlando Performing Arts Center, Orlando Museum of Art, Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, Orlando Ballet, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Orlando Shakespeare Festival, Orlando Science Center and the Harry P. Leu Gardens

Why is science and history being funded with arts money?

For 2009, United Arts of Central Florida raised more than $3.1 million in its campaign to fund arts and approved nearly $1.7 million worth of grants to the following 13 groups:Orlando Museum of Art | $283,261

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra | $244,721

Orlando Ballet | $225,734

Orlando Science Center | $199,943

Orlando Shakespeare Theater | $120,775

Bach Festival Society | $91,345

Orlando Repertory Theatre | $67,736

Festival of Orchestras | $67,909

Enzian Theater | $43,607

Crealdé School of Art | $45,121

Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community | $42,541

Maitland Art Center | $36,152

Orange County Regional History Center | $27,163This just might be my complete and total ignorance on this topic, but while these history and science entities are wonderful and deserve all the funding they can get, why is money from United ARTS (underline the word arts) funding entities not even involved in art? (Orlando Science Center | The History Center | Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community)


Free Mariah July 1 or 2

Click on the square to the left, print it out as a voucher and present at the Plaza Cinema Cafe box office for ONE general admission pass to Contract Killers OR Tennessee (the Mariah Carey movie), Wednesday, July 1 and Thursday, July 2 only. Valid for ALL showtimes for those two movies only. This pass is not valid for feature presentations, or special engagements. For information and show times, visit or call (407) 982-5444. This offer has been made possible compliments of the Downtown Arts District. Time: July 1, 2009 to July 2, 2009. Location: Plaza Cinema Cafe, Downtown. See more details and RSVP

1st Thursdays "Collaboration: The Good, The True, The Beautiful"

1st Thursdays
July 2, 2009, 6-9pm
Orlando Museum of Art
$10 admission gets you into exhibit and the museum, but does NOT include food or drink. They do NOT take credit card, so bring cash.

John Deeb photo exhibit

In Pursuit of Truth and Beauty, a photo exhbit
Tatame Sake Lounge
through July 17, 2009

Downtown gives up whats going down downtown at "What's Up Downtown!" up in downtown

Downtown Orlando Information Center
"What's Up Downtown!"
July 2, 2009 at 8:30am
Downtown Orlando Information Center
Seaside Plaza at 201 S. Orange Ave., Ste 102
(at the corner of Orange Ave. and Church St.)

Preview the new website (the creation of which we covered slightly here and here), see whats new and not very local with, learn about "Glimpse" and reply to so she knows how many seats to put out at the Information Center.

Inside the info center

Seating area

Map of downtown on a table inside the office

Florida Quarterly Noise Report Art Show

The Florida Quarterly Noise Report Art Show on June 26, 2009 at 8pm at Stardust in Audubon Park featured a video installation about black box recorders, a blinking "SHOP" sign, art hanging from tree branches, a short film featuring two masked performers called "The Triscils", and a monster with a puking hand.

July 18- maybe a lion will appear

Orando Brewing Brew and Groove Music Festival

Cottage at Lake Lily Park- Maitland

The Maitland Historical Society, with assistance from the City of Maitland, Urbanscape, Eagle Scout Troop 936, and volunteers, is currently renovating the interior and front porch area of a yellow house in Lake Lily Park in Maitland

The Society, a non-profit organization, has already received a large amount of labor and supplies through donations. But there are still some items needed to complete the project. MHS is seeking your assistance in reaching its goal of $1,000. Please consider making a donation today! Whether it's $15 or $500, every contribution will get us a little closer to finishing this project.

The Cottage will be used for exciting museum education programs for both children and adults. The space will not only be a great location for these programs, but it will allow the Society to bring in some extra revenue through its rental to outside groups, for gatherings such as small celebrations and community meetings.

Please consider making a small monetary donation by callin…

Tonight: Collabo-Show

Your activity for today at 2pm- photographer

I need someone to take photos of the "Florida Quarterly Noise Report" event at Wills Pub this afternoon at 2pm. Its today, Saturday June 27th, at 2pm at Wills Pub with 30 bands each playing 15 minute sets. Send me an email when you get back with a link to where the photos are uploaded online and I will write up a post with them in it. The more people who do this, the more chance for awesome photos!

Parramore Community Garden

Huuuuuuuge building for rent on OBT

This building for rent on Orange Blossom Trail across from the Parliament House and footsteps away from the outdoor portable church is the perfect location for a downtown...(a)skating rink

(b) local crafting/small business market

(c) offices for several non-profit and small businesses

(d) other?

Buncha Grants

Deadline: July 13, 2009. In conjunction with the Ford Foundation, the
National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) is offering
grants of up to $20,000 to support the development and work of
individual Latino artists and small and midsized Latino arts
organizations in communities across the United States. Visit the website
for key dates and application instructions.

Deadline: July 31, 2009. Grand Canyon National Park is hosting its new
year-round artist in residence program at the South Rim in conjunction
with the well-established seasonal artist in residency program at the
North Rim. Writers, visual artists, photographers, and performing
artists are all welcome to apply. Visit the website to find out more
about the application process.


Doterati marketing panel LOVES Powerpoint

I paid $15 to attend a 1.5 hour breakfast panel about online marketing creativity Thursday, June 25, 2009 in a small meeting room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located between Parramore and I-4.

The panel consisted of a reps from Sea World, Ripleys Believe it or Not and Orlando Fringe.

The rep from Sea World showed two videos about her park, then did something called "Powerpoint" where she flipped through pictures and numbers on a screen behind her as she read words off something behind the ledge of the podium. What I learned was, Shamu now has @Shamu and not @therealshamu on Twitter, the park invited "A-List" bloggers to the park before the ride "Manta" was open so they could, what else, ride the ride and blog about it.

Next was the dude from Ripleys Believe it or Not. He used his own computer and did more slides and numbers. Blog, twitter, blog blog SEO. And did you know Ripleys has the number one aquarium in the US?

Finally, Beth Marshall was up.

She whips…

Where is this in Orlando?

In this tiny old shopping center in Winter Park, you can get a twenty-dollar 45-minute shave/hot towel treatment, a $5 authentic Greek meal and an individually-wrapped Twinkie. Where is it?

Fundraiser: Speed Date | Auction | Raffle

TEA FOR TWO is a fundraiser for Forbidden Fruit Productions on Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 7:00pm - 10:00pm at Pom Pom's TeaHouse and Sandwicheria (67 N. Bumby Avenue, Orlando, FL). 18+ | Cash Only

Its got three components:

1. Speed Dating
Cost: $20 | 7pm-9:30pm | RSVP BY JULY 5 | RSVP to with you Name, Age, Sex, Orientation, Phone Number, Event in Which You Would Like to Participate (You can do both!) and 3 words to describe yourself.SPEED DATING RULES:
If the exchanging of numbers occurs, the two Speed Daters agree to have a second date at Pom Pom's TeaHouse.
AGES GROUPS: 18-24 | 24-35 | 35+
1. Persons who participate must be 18 years or older.
2. There will be separate speed dating areas for sexual preference and age
3. The Travelers will give the Stay Puts a Green Card if they wish to give them their number.
4. The Stay Puts must not ask for the Traveler's phone number, they will collect numbers from the volunteer table outside the door at the end of t…

There WILL be opera, on stage and in film, in Orlando

A bunch of season ticket holders of the shuttered Orlando Opera's final season (after a brief fund-raising campaign) thought they were SOL when the doors closed and no refunds were given, but three things have happened since the closing.

1. $150,000 was set aside to allow the Orlando Philharmonic produce small-scale operas. So, there will be live opera in Orlando. (Meet the Conductor)

2. "$50,000 from United Arts will be used for vouchers to allow the subscribers to attend the Enzian Theater's Opera on Film Series. There will be opera on film in Orlando.(Source) That costs average ticket buyers $82.50.

3. Orlando Shakes is giving the subscribers free tickets to Orlando Shakes shows, introducing them to their product.

Orlando Shakes and Penthouse Energy Drink

Orlando Shakes just sent out a tweet saying "Photos from the Wine Tasting at Total Wine & More last night!" with a link to said photos. Well sure I'd like to see photos from a wine event hosted by Shakes. Sounds classy.

I click on the link and it takes me to a site called "Orlando Guest" The first thing I see is an ad for a Penthouse (the magazine) energy drink. Wow. Then I click around (the site, not the Shakes' photos- see UPDATE below) and I find photos like the one seen above. Wow, Penthouse Energy Drink, two drunk dudes with marker all over their face... and Orlando Shakes' wine fundraiser? On the same photo sharing site?

Now, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with photo sites like these. The business/venue I guess gets free photo coverage of their events in exchange for the photo site being able to place ads next to these photos to make a little money.

I just think Shakes may want to hire a photog and control where their pho…

Mermaid sexually harassed says report

"(Weeki Wachee Springs State Park) began hosting its world-famous mermaid shows more than 60 years ago. The (current) manager... has been fired following allegations that he sexually harassed a performer in a mermaid show. According to a report, employees told investigators that (he)... offended mermaid performers with explicit comments."

(Photo Credit: Little Mermaid 3: Screenshot 2, Uploaded by RiverNaiad)

Brian Feldman Reads This Newspaper In Its Entirety and window dressers everywhere salivate

June 25, 2009: Stores pay window dressers thousands a year to come up with original ideas to draw in the foot traffic and entertain passersby. But I highly doubt they EVER came up with something as original and unexpected as Brian Feldman's nighttime piece "Brian Feldman Reads This Newspaper In Its Entirety" which took place starting at 8:30pm at Frames Forever & Art Gallery on Orange Avenue in Winter Park June 25, 2009.

There he was as I pulled up in my car, standing in a store window, holding an Orlando Weekly and reading it word for word into a microphone. The sound (rig designed by Tommy Wingo) coming through the two speakers stuck on a folding table to the right of the window was set at a decent volume and sounded crystal clear. The lighting from within the window lit the wall of newspapers behind him like in a perfect Barneys window display. The floor of the window area was covered in newspapers, and even Feldman himself wore a handmade vest of newspaper.

The r…