Winners List- 2009 Patrons Choice Awards

Best of the Fest
7 (x1) Samurai

Favorite Female Performer
Kathy Baker Wood

Favorite Male Performer
David Gaines (7 (x 1) Samurai)

Favorite Food vendor
Loving Hut

Favorite Show in the Blue Venue:
The Dream Jar

Favorite Show in the Green Venue:
The Executives- Free Kittens

Favorite Show in the Brown Venue:
The Well of Horniness

Favorite Show in the Orange Venue:
The Cody Rivers Show

Favorite Show in the Pink Venue:

Favorite Show in the Red Venue:

Favorite Show in the Silver Venue:
A New World

Favorite Show in the Yellow Venue:
Like a Virgin

Favorite Show on the Outdoor Venue:

Best Sketch Comedy (Group, Solo, Duo)
The Executives- Free Kittens

Best Improv Show
Absent Minded Improv- A Day to Remember

Best Dance show:

Best Comedy (Play or Musical)
Waiting For Maupin

Best Kids Show
The Boxcar Children

Best One-Man Show
7 (x1) Samurai

Best Published Musical
Edges AND Elegies

Best Original Musical
Waiting For Maupin

Best Published Play
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You

Best Original Play
The Shaeffer Killing

Favorite Musician
John DeHaas

Best Choreography

Best Set
Zanna Don't

Best Costumes