What was your favorite thing about Fringe this year?

The Patrons Choice Awards ballot asks voters "What was your favorite thing about the 2009 festival?" Here's a sampling of some of the responses so far:

The buttons honestly, other then the shows!

The shows, the Greek and Cuban vendors, the little snippets of shows on the outdoor stage, the Orange venue technicians, the heferweisen beer!

The new mugs. I wish more people were buying them. We raised our voices last year and the Fringe staff heard. PLEASE continue this. It also seems that being cautious with the printing of programs has been effective. Bravo!

the diversity of material . . i think this was the most diverse fringe i've seen thematically in all my years of going!

Great variety of shows. Best thing though, is seeing all the people you don't see all year and meeting new and talented artists from all over. Wish I could take off from work the entire festival and take it all in....maybe next year.

The energy, the community, the ability to be able to pay artists, the artistic creativity and the fact that it is the coolest thing around here.

There were a lot of great things but I really enjoyed all the food options.

Sat. children's programs. It's way too bad more people couldn't be there. However, with the hot sun and then the rain, maybe the children's Saturday shows could be in the Red venue tent.

My favorite thing about Fringe 09 would definitely have to be...the rain. Yes, I said it.

the shows

The amazing shows!

the green

Show Variety

Food Options

Drinking with friends

Quality of shows.

Great venues! Wonderful volunteers!

Centrally located with the green and the beer tent in the middle of it all. Great community of artists and patrons. Competent, hard-working staff that cares about art and theater.

the kids show in the green area. it was very sunny and hot but was a lot of fun.

the kids show kids prov was great very funny. my kids were brought up on stage and were a part of the show. My kids are still talking about it and we are going to go back to see the show again. Thank you

Outdoor stage and activities were great - There were some choices appropriate for children

The Rain Bar and moving food inside. The fact that vendors moved into the Shakes Center to make it more convenient for patrons (out of the rain) was awesome of them to do for us!

Food options were excellent, All volunteer personnel were very helpful and friendly

being with the community!

Sharing art and memories with my friends

Voci Dance's video game choreography

The Atmosphere.

I liked the variety of shows, the visual fringe and the poetry vending machine.

Variety of shows.

Spending time getting to know other artists

I love everything there is to love about Fringe.

Everything was awesome!!!

The people!

Zanna Don't was awesome

the audiences! they continue to show in spite of the rain.

the shows

The beer tent was really nice this year and had a lot of more options and it had the look of a fair or carnival. I enjoyed that.

Mixing and mingling!

The shows.

The shows and of course the people!

Once again the best thing about the 2009 Fringe was the location at Loch Haven Park. Our first Fringe was the last one split between Downtown and Loch Haven and the one location enables you to enjoy the overall Fringe experience and see a lot more shows.

facebook networking!

Best Marketing: HOOKED facebook posts!

so much to do this year. it was great! there was shows for everyone. thank you for having shows for kids so we have make this a family weeked at fringe he kids love the kidsprov show

My husban and i both like the The Executives and the 'well of horniness'

shows, extended # of beer tent vendors. Great volunteers this year - all seem so gracious, well trained, etc.

Seeing all my friends.

The variety of shows and types.