Starbucks not into unions?

I got an email from someone at Brave New Films regarding Starbucks, unions and twitter. Just passing it along:
Hi Mark, hope you’re doing well. I thought you might be interested in our latest action here at Brave New Films. We launched a campaign to uncover anti-union practices at the company. We made sure we launched on the eve of Starbuck’s much publicized Twitter Photo Hunt Competition.

Brave New Films created a Twitter bomb campaign where various people have taken pictures outside of Starbucks stores and in front of a green screen here in studio with the Sbux posters juxtaposed and holding up with signs like one that read, “I want a union with my latté,” or “stop busting unions,” and upload them to their twitter accounts links tweets and all. As of last night, Starbucks had pulled their sweepstakes rules from their website and responded to us by saying manipulated images are not allowed. We are now close to the top in Twitter’s #starbucks searches as well!

Twitter Bomb:

We also launched a video which got 22,000 views in one single day. The Stop Starbucks video asks also that viewers sign an online petition that will be delivered to CEO Howard Schultz in the next two weeks. Roughly 10,000 signatures were gathered on a single day.

Obviously, this is a brand new level of activism through twitter and beyond.