Some figures from Orlando Fringe

We received an email from Orlando Fringe Producer Beth Marshall today providing some general numbers from this year's festival. I included some of the info below.

Artists and Vendor Profits:
17,438 tickets were sold for cash this year. I don't know if this does not include those tickets purchased with credit cards. Compare that to 2009: 20,785. $162,759 gross was earned by artists, down about $30,000 from 2008. This is gross, and does not include what each artist paid the Fringe to be in the festival.

Most (not all) of the vendors suffered great losses due to rain. We weren't given a figure on food or merch vendor sales.

The Orlando Fringe organization's profits:
How much did the Orlando Fringe earn this year? We weren't given a total. We do know that their grants they received from various sources were up from 2008, but their general sponsorships (venue sponsorships, etc) were down, largely due to the loss of The Parliment House as a cash sponsor. Patron donations were down as well.

However, they did get some money from pre-festival fundraisers and the following: $5,000 was given as a sponsor gift from Harriett Lake this year, which is double what she gave in 2008. She will be giving the same amount in 2009. $2,000 was received through the "Friends of The Fringe" donation program (that amount does not include donations given online, which will be released soon). The "Fringe Abridged" fundraiser (which sounds like what Michael Wanzie and Kenny Howard were going to do in 2007) put on by Eric Pinder, Jay Becker and Joel Warren brought in $1,310 in ticket sales and $399 in raffle donation. $120 was donated by the Poetry Vending Machine from their booth sales.

The Fringe made less money this year in beer sales. No amount was given. Beer Mugs did not do well in sales. I didn't even know they sold them this year, did you? Button sales were also down about 8% from 2008. Merchandise sales were down with year some items and up with the "vintage" merchandise.