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67 Days of Smiles: Experience every attraction in Orlando over 67 days, the amount of time it would take to experience the more than 100 attractions offered in Orlando, sharing your smiles along the way with the entire world. Apply here
Live: The pair will be provided with a furnished two-bedroom condo in downtown Orlando for 67 days.

Work: $25,000 USD to cover living expenses back home while the two of you spend 67 Days living all the adventures Orlando has to offer, sharing your experiences along the way.

Play: Work and play are one-and-the-same! The selected pair will experience everything from roller coaster riding to hang gliding, swimming with dolphins, golfing, shopping, spa-ing, gator wrestling, museum exploring, theatre-going and more.

Share: Using cell phones, a digital video camera and still camera supplied to you, share your 67 Days of Smiles with the world through social media tools like blogs, Twitter and Facebook.