Photos: The Plaza Cinema Cafe

May 29, 2009: The Plaza Cinema Cafe had its first full day of operation today and we were second in line thanks to a tip from local performance artist Brian Feldman, who was the very first person to buy a ticket to a movie at this new downtown theatre. Here he is above being interviewed by Channel 9 WFTV about the occasion.

Felman attempts to buy the very first ticket for the film "The Odd Couple," which is advertised for an 11:30am showing, but is told the film is not being shown. The titles displayed on the signage behind the ticket person are unfamiliar to myself and Feldman, so I shout out the only title I do recognize: Dance Flick. Yes, the first ticket EVER purchased at the Plaza Cinema Cafe was for Dance Flick. Also, the Buy Local Orlando card is unable to be used by Feldman due to the ticket person's unfamiliarity with how it works.

Both of these problems are understandable as its the theatre's very first day of operation, so no hard feelings. We'll see Dance Flick.

The lobby is small with two large minimalist chandeliers which look more like leftover metal from a cable wheel than pieces of interior design. The wooden panels add warmth and flat-screen monitors show a repeating promotional video for the Orlando Film Festival.

The snack bar is bare, with no menus covering the lighted signage. Again, opening day. No worries.

Paper menus arrive in a cardboard box as we wait in line. They reveal that a full restaurant's offerings are available, including things in a section labeled "Happy Endings."

We see on a wall that Star Trek is playing. That was not displayed in the ticket booth, so the ticket person kindly offers to exchange our tickets.

Feldman is now the very first person to buy a ticket AND exchange a ticket.

Your first look at a theatre (currently showing Star Trek)

A peek behind the screen

I was not allowed by Feldman to video or photograph the final part of the visit, which was getting a refund for his ticket. According to Feldman, the smell of the new faux-leather seats was overwhelming. So, Feldman is now the very first person to buy a ticket, exchange a ticket and get a full refund at the Plaza Cinema Cafe.