2009 Patrons Choice Awards

Hundreds of Orlandoans voted in the first-ever TheDailyCity.com Patrons Choice Awards during Orlando's largest annual arts event, the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival. The awards were handed out May 24, 2009. Twenty-seven performers and producers walked away winners with certificates and original pieces of art created by local Orlando artists, curated by Jessica Earley, producer of the 2009 art show Blunder Bungle. Credit for the photos of the awards ceremony below goes to the awesome team of Denna Eramo and Tisse Mallon.

Best of the Fest | 7 (x1) Samurai
Art piece by Jack Fields (pictured on left)
(Read our pre-awards post about this piece) "Jack has been putting people in their place for a dozens of hundred years. Watch yourself and don't eat candy without a wrapper, or you'll find yourself receiving one of his trophies, in land, sea, sky, or space zone."

Favorite Female Performer | Kathy Baker Wood (not pictured)
Framed pencil drawing by David Smith
David Smith received his BFA with Honors from the University of Central Florida. Though art is not his current profession, he draws because he loves the act of drawing. He believes in simplicity and purity, and that art does not require some grand philosophical concept to be beautiful; simply honesty in attempting to make a piece as well as possible for the sake of that piece. Only recently has he begun to sell and exhibit his work.

Favorite Male Performer | David Gaines (7 (x 1) Samurai)
Green shoe with teeth made by Sean Repplier
"I'm graduating UCF this summer with a BFA in Book Arts/Printmaking. I work with pen and ink (drawings, comics), printmaking (wood block, etching, engraving), collage, and video. I play in numerous experimental noise projects with my partner in crime, Steve Lopinot. I occasionally put out an independent zine called Cat Sex. I am a vinyl/underground comic junkie. I love cats and shapely girls. I am, in fact, actually a cat."

Favorite Food Vendor | Loving Hut
Performance Artist Brian Feldman presented himself as an award; agreeing to stage a performance art piece at Loving Hut wherein he eats one of everything off their all-vegan menu.

Best Producer of the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival | Beth Marshall
Golden Mushroom award by Doug Rhodehamel
Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Doug Rhodehamel has called Orlando, Florida home since 1993. He is best known for his jellyfish and paper bag mushroom installations. In his spare time he enjoys eating, drinking and running red lights. To see more Doug stuff, please visit dougrhodehamel.com.

Favorite Show in the Green Venue | The Executives
Art piece made by Patricia Coyle
See her most recent work called Lily Pad Forest thru June 13.

Favorite Show in the Pink Venue | Wanderlust
Hand-painted Spank Plank made by Beau Thomas

Favorite Show in the Silver Venue | A New World

Favorite Show in the Yellow Venue | Like a Virgin

Favorite Show on the Outdoor Venue | Kids Prov

Favorite Show in the Brown Venue | The Well of Horniness

Favorite Show in the Orange Venue | The Cody Rivers Show

Best Sketch Comedy (Group, Solo, Duo) | The Executives
Fringe Saw made by Brice Stephens.
See another photo of the saw. Stephens is an Orlando artist who is "known for his paintings on glass, often of the female face and form, many of which have been currently on display at local galleries and coffee shops."

Best Improv Show | A Day to Remember
Painting by Rick Jones
"Allotropes are different structural forms of a single element, such as the allotropes of the carbon atom: diamond, nanotube and graphite. I find this to be an interesting way to describe much of what I’m trying to do, which is to take one formal idea and put it through the sea of other influences in my head and make new variations out of it."

Best Dance show | VarieTEASE
Painting by Katie Windish
Katie owns her own framing store and art gallery in Winter Park caled Frames Forever.

Best Kids Show | The Boxcar Children
Painting by Jessica Earley
Read an interview with her done December 12, 2008. "I have a background in photography and graphic design education. I graduated from a community college in New Jersey with an A.A.S. degree in Visual Communications Technology. After receiving my formal education, all of my knowledge has come from trial and error, living in poverty, and continuously rediscovering childhood."

TIE! Best Published Musical | Edges
Music Box by Sergio Mora
This music box is a hand-painted resin figurine on top of a working music box with a poster behind the figurine showing an orange grove and "Best Published Musical" printed on it. Sergio has an installation in the RS21 exhibit coming up this summer.

TIE! Bust Published Musical- Elegies
TIE! Best Published Musical | Elegies
Astro Turf Trophy made by Trevor Garrett Allen

Best Original Musical | Waiting For Maupin

Best Published Play | Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You
Drawing and Silkscreen on rice paper made by Ashlee Walters
Ashlee Walters (email) lives and works in Orlando, Fl. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Printmaking at the University of Central Florida. Walters also is a studio assistant at Flying Horse Editions, a Fine Arts press in Orlando, FL.

Best Original Play | The Shaeffer Killing
Original sketch by Thomas Thorspecken
"I am an artist, illustrator, journalist, sketching in and around Orlando Florida. I started my sketch blog January 1st of 2009. The goal is to post a sketch a day documenting Orlando culture. This is my way to finally put down roots, to become part of a community one sketch at a time.

Favorite Musician | John DeHaas
Record award made by musician Omar Delarosa
Omar will be performing as Little Insects at the Live lo-fi (anti) folk show @ Stardust June 12th at 9pm. Free.

Best Choreography | VarieTEASE
Clay sculpture made by Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller plays bass, guitar and drums for several local bands. She is the king of girls!

Best Set | Zanna Don't
Clay thumbs-up sculpture by Greg Leibowitz
Greg is currently organizing the Second Florida Quarterly Noise Report, which will be a two day cultural event. Friday June 26th his visual art will be exhibited at Stardust Coffee and Saturday June 27th he will have a music show at Will's Pub.

Best Costumes | VarieTEASE
Magnetic paper doll by Samantha Long
Samantha is an art teacher who specializes in making ceramics. She also dabbles in painting and jewelry. She can often be found selling her pieces at Pinklight Bazaar.

Favorite Show in the Red Venue | Elegies
Favorite Show in the Blue Venue: The Dream Jar
Best Comedy (Play or Musical) | Waiting For Maupin
Best One-Man Show | 7 (x1) Samurai