NTDWO: Little Mermaid out, multimedia in

(NTDWO= Nothing to do with Orlando) The mermaid statue in Copenhagen is visiting China to participate in the World Expo Shanghai 2010. While shes there, getting better wifi service than any of us in the states can ever hope to get in the next five years, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is preparing a replacement.

The replacement sounds more interesting than the original.

"The Danish authority was coy about describing what exactly it is that Ai will put on the mermaid’s perch in Langelinie Park, but it gave some clues. It said there will be a multimedia installation that “simultaneously registers, documents and articulates the movements and changes that take place during the months where the mermaid is away, including her absence from Langelinie and her presence in Shanghai.”

It added that the technology involved will include cameras and Internet connections. The installation, still in the conceptual stage, will be accessible day and night." (Story source, Top Photo by Chet3, courtesy Flickr)

Below is an artist rendering of the Denmark Pavillion in China that will house the Little Mermaid statue.