House of Blues comes to school

Photo by Denna Eramo

Students and teachers from Howard Middle School in Orlando, FL will experience a unique arts and cultural program when the Moving Blues SchoolHouse Program travels to their school on Thursday, May 28, 2009.

Offered by the International House of Blues Foundation® (IHOBF), the Blues SchoolHouse transforms the House of Blues®-Orlando venue into a multimedia classroom where 5th-12th grade students and teachers learn about American culture and history through an exploration of blues music, blues-inspired music and folk art. The Moving Blues SchoolHouse Program takes the musical component of the Blues SchoolHouse on the road to school and community settings and features a live musical performance tracing the history of blues music from its roots in African musical traditions through its emergence and evolution as a unique American folk music and its influence on other forms of popular contemporary music including jazz, R&B, rock and roll, soul, funk and rap. The performance demonstrates how the blues musical form was influenced by and reflects important events in American history. Participating teachers receive a classroom guide that supports them in integrating content from the program into their classrooms.

The program at Howard Middle School (800 E. Robinson Street, Orlando, FL, 32801) will take place from 12:45pm to 2:00pm. For additional information about the program or the IHOBF, please contact IHOBF-Orlando Program Manager Teresa Linn at 407-934-2283 or via email at Funding for this Moving Blues SchoolHouse has been provided by the Orange County Arts Education Center in partnership with the Orlando Magic. IHOBF-Orlando is also supported by House of Blues, House of Blues Foundation Room members, Live Nation and other public and private donors.