Fringe Vendors- the highlights

Every year on The Green, amongst the white plastic Wal Mart lawn furniture covered in taped-on, rained-on postcards, people rave about the soul food vendor (wow, chicken and salt- brilliant), complain about the loud music played by the hot dog vendor (bad pop music), and endure the free samples from the popcorn vendor (in classless uncreative tiny paper cups).

This year, all those fabulous treasured vendors that seem to pour out of the woodwork from nowhere (cuz we never see them anywhere but Fringe) will be back, along with a few oddballs I've highlighted below.

Be aware for you Fringe newbies, that there are a ton of food options this year and you are sure to find some semblance of what you enjoy eating. Eat at The Green, support the locals and do not get in your car, drive to the 7-11 a couple blocks away on Mills and eat a $4 sammich like I do every year. And if you want to vend yourself (you can sell food or non-food) send an email to Jae Nale *immediately* at Wed. May 13th is the FINAL Day to sign up.

Front room with the food and the wine
Loving Hut- Their offering of vegan food will please most, but their cult-like behavior will repulse all. If they have a tv playing their happy-world videos, a cameraman filming interviews for some unknown reason and plain brown unmarked envelopes like they did at 1st Thursday last week, you'll know its them.

Fringe Poetry Vending Machine- Amazing! Support! Don't miss! Real-live poets write a poem for you for $5. So cool. And they have their own Poetry Smackdown show on the outdoor stage.

Photo: Signage, Dunkin Donuts beat Starbucks
Starbucks- Um, amazing. Don't care that they're not local. Just glad they're supporting the Fringe with their presence. And as far as I am aware, there has been no local coffee vendor at the fringe, ever.

Sunshine Massage- This better be the dirty kind. Its Fringe. But then again, its Orlando Fringe. So, expect shoulder rubs and friendly smiles. Boo.

Pride participant
Wanzie Presents/Parliament House Tent- Oh dear. What kind of mayhem will be held under this tent? With hard liquor now available for sale at the festival for the first time EVER, who knows?

Orlando Fringe 2008 Preview Show: The Screw You Revue Deja Vu tent- He went from Fringe star to Fringe devil to Disney ticket salesman to (local) youtube celeb. He has some deal with the Fringe (maybe in exchange for a Superpass? Aka free admission to every single show) where he will "cover" the Fringe in his own hilarious style. At this tent anyways, he will be conducting interviews with patrons "for social network promotion" that I assume end up on his Youtube account.

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