to be rescued

So you saw the hideous yesterday, yacked in your cup of locally-brewed herbal tea along with me and worried if the world would view downtown Orlando through the eyes of that wretch-fest of a site?

Good news. (And props to Gareth for sending in the tip) Digital agency Purple, Rock, Scissors (formerly Hydra Studios) says they are taking charge of the hideous vomit-bomb and in their talented hands, it "will be transformed into a must-have, dynamic information portal."

Please Purple Scissor Rock people. Do anything you want. Just please stop this trend in Orlando of ning social networks (see Slice and Doterati. Can we all please see that you can save all that time/effort with the ning crap and just dump your updates on a Facebook page?

Judging from Purple Scissor Sisters Rock-Rock's new (this year) website, they won't go all ning on us. They seem to know what they are doing IMHO and will probably do something at least better than the sewage-swamp-hell-pit that is the current site.