Custom art pieces being prepped for ceremony

Along with out lovely award certificates, some lucky winners of the 2009 Patrons Choice Awards will receive a custom piece of art created for the awards by local visual artists. Like this one. Each artist was chosen by Jessica Earley and each piece will be wild and wildy different from the next.

This saw above is one of those pieces created for the awards. Isn't it insane and wonderful? Its by Orlando artist Brice Stephens, who is "known for his paintings on glass, often of the female face and form, many of which have been currently on display at local galleries and coffee shops." Explore his site and get to know this local artist.

Many more visual artists who are creating our Patrons Choice Awards will be featured soon on our blog and at the awards ceremony. Their art will be handed out along with our awards certificates at the ceremony May 24th right after the Fabbys on the Outdoor Stage on The Green Lawn of Fabulousness.