Best of the Fest- Jack Fields

Jack Fields is one of the many awesome artists creating pieces for our Patrons Choice Awards ceremony this year. (The ceremony FYI is tonight at the outdoor stage after The Fabbys which begin at 11pm.) He has created this wonderful piece above for the "Best of the Fest" award. You have to see this thing in person today. Go to the round room in the Shakespeare building and check underneath the long narrow table where the Visual Fringe Volunteers are seated. Its under there. DO NOT TOUCH, but please take as many photos/video of it as you like. Please share the fantastic creativity of the aritst, Jack Fields.
"Jack has been putting people in their place for a dozens of hundred years. Watch yourself and don't eat candy without a wrapper, or you'll find yourself receiving one of his trophies, in land, sea, sky, or space zone."