Audubon Park Community Market

The Audubon Park Community Market is a weekly gathering of folks selling anything from palm readings to homemade soap, and people buying everything from hummus to used lady clothes. There's the guy with the odd bike carting people in circles around the lot, three children playing in a puddle in the center and the 20-something serving up teensy cupcakes four for a dollar.

I personally first discovered it in May of 2008 when it was much smaller and less hipster and more about local food. (See photos)

Every Monday starting at 6:30pm, when its still light, the tents go up, the music comes out and the people stand around and talk, shop, smoke and eat in the small but ample space of the Stardust Coffee Shop, (1842 E. Winter Park Rd) which is now serving booze! Its a weekly mini-replacement for Grandma Party (video, photos), a twice-yearly gathering of the same people, int he same place, on a much larger scale. It really is a fun though laid back event you should make the trek to.