Audition: unpaid

Got this from Jen Vargas: Echoes is a 30 minute scifi/drama short being filmed IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA. This is not a student film. The director is based out of Los Angeles, the DP is based out of Miami, FL. This production is no pay, but you get meals, copy, and credit. Below is a list of the character breakdowns. Weekend and some weekday filming required. Shooting begins tentatively around May 29th. Please, serious submissions only. Out of state inquiries will not be accepted.

If you think you fit one of the character descriptions below, and can commit 100% to the shoot, please submit headshot/resume to: We will respond with further audition information at that time. Thank you very much!

We are currently casting for the following roles:

Matt - late 20s early 30s, main character, attractive everyman athletic type. Must be comfortable with very short fight scene, and must be comfortable handling gun. MMA or stunt experience a plus.

Kim - Attractive, late 20s, early 30s, should have good screen presence since we only see her twice.

Susan - 50s to early 60s, composed, laid back.

Jesse - Late 20s, high energy, unstable, but when focused, can be intense, need someone that can improvise, can be funny and serious.

Man - Authority, cop type, looks comfortable in a suit, early to late 30s. Must be comfortable firing a gun.

Woman - Someone conservatively dressed, cop type, has to compliment the man, and look like they work together, early to late 30s.

Jackie - Late 20s, athletic type, quiet and serious looking. Should be comfortable doing short fight scene. Any stunt or MMA experience a plus.