10 don't-miss shows at 2009 Orlando Fringe

Fringe is expensive. Top ticket prices are $10. If you want to avoid feeling like you wasted money, see these ten shows at the bare minimum this year.

The Executives in Free Kittens: A sketch comedy show that doesn't suck. Judging from their Target vs Wal Mart video, they will be as good if not better than their 2008 offering. Cast member and group founder Chase Padgett is funny in anything he does.

Elegies: A musical about AIDS and gays or something sad. Who cares? Laura Hodos is in it and she is brilliant.

Pie Face: An original show written by and staring David local actor/director David Lee about Anita Bryant. The show is traveling to New York City to perform in the summer fringe festival there this year.

Poetry Smackdown: Do not miss. This will be one of the faves of Fringe. In 2007 I drunk-judged their Smackdown on the Green Lawn of Fabulousness (outside under a tent) with producer Beth Marshall and a midget. We did this American Idol thing where we critiqued each poet-performer. Every time I got the mic, I repeated it like a mantra: "You guys need to do a Fringe show." Don't miss.

Puppetslam: The Orlando Puppet Festival has two shows in the Fringe and this one is the "adult" one. The lighting and sound are weak, the through-line (a variety show) is weak, and some of the performances are shaky and more performance art than theatrical, this is a show you can point at later and say "Now THAT was Fringy."

The Bong Show with Pepe: Must see. In the style of Chelsea Lately, a flaming gay man named Pepe (played by SAK performer Rob Ward) leads a round-table of local celebs as they pound on pop culture stories and icons.

The Cody Rivers show Mindblowingly amazing. Brilliant. Like nothing you've seen. This is the stuff they are seeing at other festival. Must see.

The Karate Guy The cast and creative team is talented and from what I hear, their past shows have been worth the ticket price.

The Well of Horniness Not only is the cast dripping with comedic talent, but the show sounds like a hit already: a lesbian murder radio drama. Good God sign me up.

Varietease: This show walks into Fringe and collects their HUGE paycheck every year due to audiences loving it. I clapped last year.

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