Professional Identity: who are you?

Ooh! Such a great post and self-survey from Fractured Atlas. Read this this preview then go take the survey:
"Consultants report that the hardest part of helping artists and arts managers create a strategic plan is getting them to answer the questions: ‘Who Are You?’ and ‘What Do You Do?’

Why is that? Why can’t we tell our audiences, patrons, customers, funders, or collaborators who we are in five sentences or less? Because we are complex, creative, multi-skilled people that have frequent transformative experiences.

“If I am so expansive and mutable, why do I have to define myself in such limited terms?” Because people who don’t know you will only give you a five sentence opportunity to explain yourself; before they turn their attention to the next headshot in the pile, the next poster on the wall, the next proposal on their desk, the next email in their inbox, or the next artist in the gallery. Also, if you don’t create a brief description of yourself and clearly communicate it, others will do it for you. Finally, knowing who you are in simple terms is the key to meaningful success."