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What do you want to see here?

UPDATE: The response to this post speaks volumes.

You know, I wanna know, too. Elizabeth Maupin asked her readers what they wanna see on her arts and culture blog. So what do you want to see on this blog? What you like, dislike, want more of, want less of and most importantly: what is missing from Orlando arts and culture blogging? I am of the mind that the only thing that can bring value to readers is uniqueness. Like, if I am blogging the same crap all the other Orlando bloggers do, then how does that benefit you? It doesn't. So, I (a) try to approach arts and culture with my own writing voice and (b) try to bring you content that other blogs do not have.

But is this enough? Tell me. If you don't, I'll eat a container of Twizzlers.

Links: Oct 31 PM

Vote for the best gay stuff in Orlando- Watermark
Great blog "Writings on Design and Culture"- Design Observer
Photograph your polling place- NYTimes (via D.O.)
Candy codes for the time-obsessed child- Cockeyed (via D.O.)
Tell Maupin how to blog- Orlando Sentinel
Some November Orlando events- Living Orlando
Free STUDENT tix to Orlando Opera dress rehearsal- Orlando Opera

The 2007 documentary Show Business: The Road to Broadway (Netflix, Amazon) just got recommended to me by someone in the theatre community:"Go behind the scenes of some of the biggest shows of the 2003-04 theater season and find out what it takes to make it on Broadway. From the season's opening to its finale at the Tony Awards, this documentary highlights the ups and downs of various Broadway musicals, including the smash hit "Wicked." The stories behind these big productions are full of amazing struggles and successes that rival the splendor of the Broadway shows themselves."The book Holy H…

Bach Festival Choir: A Classic Christmas

Begin your holidays with a Classic Christmas... and not drinking vodka-Diet-Cokes alone by candelight while Mariah's Christmas album plays in the background on repeat.The Bach Festival Society invites you to begin your holiday season with A Classic Christmas on Saturday, December 15 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, December 16 at 2:00 p.m. in Knowles Memorial Chapel. Combining the striking 160-voice Bach Choir, the magnificent Bach Festival Orchestra, historic Knowles Memorial Chapel, and the artistry and humor of conductor John Sinclair, the Bach Festival holiday concert is a long-standing tradition for a generation of Central Florida families. This year’s program includes classic holiday standards and the beautiful Saint-Saëns Christmas Oratorio.

A Classic Christmas highlights the joy and magic that make the Christmas season the most special time of year. The Bach Choir and Orchestra perform a wide selection of holiday favorites, including a new arrangement of “Silent Night” by Walt Disn…

Links: Oct 31 AM

Orlando needs this next year: a pumpkin tower
Dear sweet merciful Jesus my inbox was FULL when I got home Thursday night with all these fun events and press releases. I'm posting as much as I can before I get bored or fall asleep.

Listen to this mp3, the latest episode of a show from Brussels called Sounds and Emotions. They describe it as "experimental music for experimental people," and I would have to agree. Some crazy stuff.

This week's Downtown-Confidential.pdf is available, thanks to the work of Pat Dellacona of the Downtown Development Board and Community Redevelopment Agency. I already asked them months ago why they release this as a pdf and if I could remember what they told me, I'd tell you.

I have a fabulous list of every show coming to or that is in the works for Broadway in 2009 and beyond. This list was sent to me by a friend. I didn't create it or own it and I don't know where they got it.

Performance artist Brian Feldman is screening a film …

Live sketch comedy: Night of the NightWolf Nov 1

Free live sketch show November 1, 9pm, Stardust:"Didn't get your fill of screams on Halloween? Then find yourself at the Stardust cafe, November 1, 9 PM, where sketch comedy group NIGHT OF THE NIGHTWOLF (myspace) presents an evening of whimsy, horror, and delight. Stardust is at 1842 E Winter Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32803. NIGHT OF THE NIGHTWOLF will perform all new live sketch comedy worthy of a lobotomy. It will be a multimedia slaying of sound, light, music, amateur surgery, and humour!"

SAK looking for sales/booking professional

You do sales and want a part or full time job with SAK?SAK Comedy Lab is officially commencing a search for a Sales/Booking professional to work with us. We are looking for an energetic, highly skilled individual preferably with Sales/Booking experience in the entertainment industry. The position will be commission based, handling our appearance and event inquiries. The time requirement would be part time based on current trends. As an option, there are other show/event related production needs that could be paired or combined with the incoming inquiries offering additional compensation. If interested, please contact Dave Russell at for more information or to set up an interview.

If you give a moose a moose costume

The Orlando Shakeseare Theatre's "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" is playing now through November 22. It's a kid's show about a moose that the Orlando Sentinel didn't care for, but I am digging the show's moose costume. Check out these photos by Robb Jones of the making of the moose head.

Kyle Crowder

Kyle Crowder

Crealde School of Art Matching Grant

Crealde needs your cash.
Crealde School of Art needs $25k. If you give them $25k, they can get $100k for free. No they're not buying Ford stock and selling it to China. If they raise $100k, the Orange County Arts and Cultural Affairs Grants Program will give them an additional $100k for free. They've already raised $75k. They need $25k more. Oh and they need it by November 15th. Go here and donate. (Source)

Photo: The Last Five Years set

"The Last Five Years" set at The Plaza Theatre
The Last Five Years was held over for another weekend at the Plaza Theatre. It runs this Friday and Saturday at 11pm. More from The cast will feature Jack Noseworthy (Sweet Smell of Success, A Chorus Line, Jerome Robbins' Broadway) as Jamie and Melissa Minyard (Les Miserables) as Kathy. Dan Roche directs with musical direction by John B. deHaas.

Jersey Boys National Tour: Orlando press event

On Monday, October 27th, we were invited to a press event at the Enzian Theater to get a behind-the-scenes look at, and meet some of the cast from, the touring production of the Broadway show Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, arriving at Orlando's Bob Carr Theater May 2009... (Read more of Jason Lee's article at bottom of post)

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon

Denise Payne (Francine), Steve Gouveia (Nick), Graham Fenton (Frankie Valli)

Entrance, Enzian Theatre

Lobby Display

Florida Theatrical Association's Ron Legler

Cast members being interviewed

Cast members

Audience Q&A

The Behind the Scenes Peak of Jersey Boys:
The story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Writer: Jason Lee

On Monday, October 27th, we were invited to the Enzian Theater for a special behind-the-scenes look at this touring production of the Broadway show, coming to Orlando's Bob Carr Theater next year.

At the reception before…

101 Best things in Orlando: this list is not one of them

Photo Credit: Roberto Gonzalez for the Orlando Sentinel
Hair gel credit: unknown.
UPDATE 10-29-08: I got my information wrong. From a reliable source, I was told the list was "chosen by readers. It was an advertising feature, which the news staff had nothing to do with."

The Orlando Sentinel released a helpful and insightful list called 101 Best of Orlando. The list (as noted above) was voted on by the readers. My question is.. Which readers? Dillards is Orlando's best shoe store apparently, there are so many theme park mentions the list reads like an I-Drive coupon book and P.F. Changs has the best Chinese. What?

Worshiping guitar gods in snooty-town

Guitarist Larry Coryell (who is he?) will perform at Rollins in a FREE concert November 3rd at 7:30 p.m and then give a lecture and Q&A on the History of Jazz November 4th at 2 p.m. Two reasons to drive into snooty-town! Where: Tiedtke Concert Hall- located in Keene Hall on the corners of Chase and Holt Avenues. For more info or just some negative attention, call 407-646-2233 or e-mail

About the guitarist you and I have never heard of: Coryell has recorded more than 75 albums over the past 40 years as a bandleader, soloist and featured accompanist. Hailed by his legion of fans as one of "the guitar gods" in the late 1970s and as a "truly Renaissance musician who excels at all styles of playing."

The late 60s thru early 70s saw Coryell as one of the most in-demand guitarist in rock, jazz and all musical genres. During that time he was part of rock's experimentation, and toured with Jack Bruce as well as featured sessions with Jimmy Webb, th…

Orlando Puppet Festival- this is your reminder

It's coming. Write it down now: November 7, 8, 9. Don't get all sucked up into Halloween you forget about the damn puppets. Buy tickets online this weekend. Get you house in order, man, and make sure you do not miss the Orlando Puppet Festival this year. And f I can make one recommendation: See "Puppets From the Edge." SAK Comedy Lab Ensemble member Chase P will be collaborating on stage with a puppet friend for a little musical improv jam during the show. Puppets AND improv... on the same stage. It's like seeing a midget AND a handless ballet dancer on the same corner. Amazing.

VCC students: Mangopalooza Nov 13

Thursday, November 13th, the free concert "Mangopalooza" comes to Valencia Community College's East Campus 12:45pm - 2:15pm. 701 N. Econlockhatchee Trail, Orlando, Florida.

Those over the age of 50 are welcome to attend, but you must bring cookies for the students (NOT store-bought) and pretend you're everyone's Grandma. Cheek-pinching encouraged. Face-cheeks only, please.

The concert is a "service-learning initiative" (forced volunteerism?) created by the Tuesday evening "Introduction to Marketing" class. Introduction to Marketing? Isn't that called Childhood?


The concert is free. However, it is a benefit for the Orlando Marine Institute, an alternative education facility partially supported by Orange County Public Schools. The Institute provides students aged 13-19 with special services based on their individual learning needs. So, they're asking for un-required donations. Donate to the McDiet movie first.

Also, before you c…

Robin Hood playwright coming to see show because of video

Elizabeth Maupin says the playwright of The Somewhat True Tails of Robin Hood, Mary Lyn Dobson, is coming to see the show because she saw the fabulous preview video! "Congrats to director Jeff Revels and everybody involved with The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. Revels answered his phone this morning and it was playwright Mary Lyn Dobson, who said she'd seen the Rep's commercial online, was impressed with the production values and is flying in this weekend to see the show."Congrats tot he cast and crew, and a big congrats to the video creator and producer. A request to theatres: more video! More previews! If you you're saying "We don't have the budget," making a video like theirs takes nothing but time. And time is free. Especially now that we are all broke and jobless.

Links: Oct 28 AM

Pumpkins. Kill them and turn them into pie.
Links- October 28, 2008
New rental venue for music, classes, shows, etc- Black Box Collective
$25 restaurant gift cards for $2- Lifehacker
Indie animation shorts Wed & Thur- Enzian
Fashion Week Winter Park? Really?- Orlando Cultural
1,700 free public domain audiobooks- LibriVox
Erik Jones art for sale- Uberbot
Orlando-based comic book video podcast- A Comic Shop
Dead Poet Slam Oct 30, 9:30pm, Stardust Coffee- Broken Speech
Orlando Sentinel might have AP content after all- NYTimes
Cut to the best part of the youtube video TubeChop

Womens Playwright Initiative needs board members

The Womens Playwright Initiative (WPI) asked me to join their board this year. (Read an October 8th interview with Board Member Julia Gagne) This is such a fantastic honor to be asked. Unfortunately, I can't because I have to go scream at Jesus for 7 months. However, I asked them if they would like me to publicize their need for board members and they said yes.

Plays written by women are not being produced. The WPI is one of the few orgs in the US directly trying to affect this problem. Please contact them through their website if you are interested in joining their board. About WPI: We began with a small group of women meeting over coffee, each caring in her own way about women's work in the theater. The faces have changed over the course of a few years, but the mission has remained: increase production of plays written by women. To that end, the WPI has become a non-profit organization, gathered a Board of Directors, solicited manuscripts from women writers in the Southeast,…

Radio Rickshaw: episode 71

Show Notes:
-Dan feels lied to about Hispanic Heritage Month.
-Di doesn’t understand why a video game was yanked for being offensive to Muslims.
-John explains Fiddler on the Roof to Di.
-The crew talks about TV shows like Vultron, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Law & Order, Prison Break, CSI, and Locked Up Abroad.
-There is a podcast called Rickshaw Radio hosted by Jon and Kristina Lynne(or Aidyn)
-Di is going to have a taser party. She’s registered for a Hello Kitty one.
-Sorry Ringo Starr fans, no more autographs. Peace and love, peace and love!
-Another Cinderella Story is on John’s Netflix queue.
-Will Ferrell stars as George W. Bush on Broadway.
-Corey Haim was at ScreamFest and left by ambulance due to a rumored alcohol/drug binge.

WFTV Joseph Biden interview back online

Youtube yanked that video of the Biden interview that makes Orlando look like a turd, but someone else put up a new version. If you haven't seen it yet, take a peek.

Y'all, we have GOT to be concerned about how our city is portrayed in the media, and consider taking action against those that show it in a wrongly, unjustified bad light. That might take the form of boycotting a certain business or org directly, not supporting the advertisers that support a certain business or org, or whatever.

I mean, this interview is not THAT big of a deal that we all need to link arms and walk to city hall and light ourselves on fire, but things like this interview and other events build on themselves and begin to make a lasting impression of our city for those who don't live there.

Please tune into WFTV for more hard-hitting interviews.

McDiet: Super Size Me is going DOWN!

In 2004, I took classes at Upright Citizens Brigade and met a funny stand up comedian in my class from Los Angeles named Julie Dove. She is the person who introduced me to the person who got me in to watch a real Saturday Night Live audition. So surreal.

Anyways, we kept in touch on and off and now she's got a movie she's producing that basically takes "Super Size Me" and flips on it's butt. And kicks it around. She did a McDonalds-only diet and LOST weight! The flick requires some funding: $1,500 in total. She has $500 already and will take donations in any increment via Paypal. Even $5. And you get a credit in the.. credits!

I am blogging this to help out a friend, but mainly to introduce (some of) you to the world of shoe-stringing, self-funding projects where artists don't wait for their big break, they go out and make their own opportunities happen for themselves, by themselves. It's cool, right?Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this message finds you a…

Seaside Music Theatre is shutting it's doors permanently

Tommy, Seaside Music Theatre
The Arts Connection says Seaside Music Theatre has finally shut it's doors:The Board of Directors announced Thursday that Seaside Music Theater, Inc. is permanently closing its doors!

Since the death of its founder, Tippen Davidson, SMT has struggled financially, due to litigation with the Daytona News-Journal Corporation and its minority stock holder Cox newspapers.

There were several attempts this past summer to re-fuel the sinking theater with fundraising concerts, plus talks with Daytona State College to take over the theater but they all proved to be unproductive.

Over the past several months the staff has been the similar to a David Copperfield show, a disappearing act, desperately trying to salvage this 32-year-old institution and staple to the Daytona community.

One of the major issues that came to light earlier this year was the frustrated ticket holders who found themselves out of money and out of the entertainment that they have looked forward to…


WFTV makes Orlando proud
Obama spokesperson had this to say about Orlando's WFTV: "...the anchor was completely unprofessional... This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election."

Mad Cow Theatre needs volunteers for Orlando Cabaret Festival

Mad Cow Theatre is putting together the 7th Annual Orlando Cabaret Festival and they need volunteers:"...Preparations are underway for the 7th Annual Orlando Cabaret Festival running April 30 - May 10, 2009. The reason we (are looking for volunteers this early) is because we are applying again for financial support through Orange County and it is a requirement to show demonstrated support from the community for our project. By pledging your support now, you demonstrate the high level of support we receive from the community which is a very important requirement of the Orange County Tourist Tax Development Grant.

...We are asking that you take a moment to consider your desired amount of involvement in this year's festival, and submit that amount of time in writing. In order to satisfy specific grant needs, we are hoping for a total of 1,000 hours pledged. These hours can be spent ushering/ticket taking (as many of you already do), helping sell/pick-up concessions, organizing …

PHOTOS: Zombies From Beyond

Reader Denna E sent in these photos from her trip to "Zombies From Beyond" at The Winter Garden Theatre. Time, date and ticket information below.

Reader Denna E and cast member Kate O

The cast

The theatre
"Jester Theatre Company presents Zombies from Beyond: A Musical. This toe-tapping musical comedy takes its cue from pulp movies of the 50's and is a camp celebration of the American ideals and foibles of the Eisenhower era. The good folks at the fictional Milwaukee Space Center set to launch their next probe when the sopranic Zombina comes to enslave all the men of Earth. Think Plan 9 from Outer Space, Little Shop of Horrors and Mars Needs Women mixed with song, dance and laughs galore." (Source)

Zombies From Beyond:
Garden Theatre
Fridays and Saturdays : 8 p.m. (ends November 2)
Sundays : 2 p.m. (ends November 2)
$22 adults, $18 seniors and students
Box Office: 407-877-4736
160 W. Plant St Winter Garden , FL 34787

Gay Days now at Food and Wine Festival

You KNOW I love grass roots do-it-yourself stuff. This one is AWESOME! Pass it on:(From their Facebook page) "A grass roots campaign to make November 8th, 2008 the first of what can become an annual Gay Day at EPCOT Center's Food and Wine Festival. It's a great time to be in Orlando (not as hot, not as crowded) and the Festival is a treat...special food and wine kiosks are added to every pavillion. Dee-lish-us! Let's all go and wear purple shirts...the color of a fine merlot!

Of course it's unofficial...but that's how Gay Days started at the Magic Kingdom oh so long ago...and for those of us who like Disneyworld but tend not to be free to go in June...we deserve a fun out outing, too!"

-More info:
-Join their Facebook group

Disney's The Lion King- Orlando auditions

Interviews with the touring lead actors, 2004-05
Can you feel the love tonight? You could every night (except Mondays) if you were a cast member of Disney's The Lion King on Broadway, in Vegas or on one of their National tours. Strap on your singing voice and warm up your dance shoes cuz Broadway casting company Binder Casting is coming to Orlando November 14 and 15 to wade through the pool of talented Orlando folks and pluck out a few.

Download the pdfs below for all the details. Print them out. Hang them in your green rooms. Email them to friends. Lets get a huge turn out there and show Binder that Orlando is a true source of talent for projects of this quality and size.

November 14:
Open call, male and female singers

UPDATE: A new flyer for the dancer auditions was sent to me on October 30th. Click below to download this revised version.

November 15:
Open call, male and female dancers

The MTV Real World house: Red Hook Brooklyn

This is the building in the area of Brooklyn called Red Hook where the next season of MTV's The Real Worldis being filmed. We subway-ed and bussed and walked for an hour or so on down to it and got a few shots. We didn't see any folks from the show, or folks who looked like they could be from the show, or camera or lights or anything that would scream "We're filming reality tv here, people," though we did speak with a woman who owns a nursery inside that same building. Actually, she's right next door to them! Wee! She said she was aware of the show being filmed, but had never seen it before. (It's been on the air for 16 years.) She said they were nice "kids."

Full view

Painted side door

Looking through the fence front door

The fence front door

The whole building (the side facing the water)

Green boat outside the entrance of the parking lot

Monday October 27 Links

We love October. And Links.
Contest: $5m to improve local online news- Knight News Challenge
Five places to see movies for free in Orlando-
Orlando Sentinel starts an arts and culture blog- Orlando Sentinel
Women playwright problem subject of NYC town hall- NYTimes
2008 TITA Conference interviews- Technology in the Arts
Neil Diamond October 28, Amway Arena- Ticketmaster
Wassup guys reunite for Obama vid- Youtube

Free stuff in Orlando on Craigslist:
rat food
two open bottles of folic acid
hockey shin pads
1,000 paper bags
bathroom sink
lady clothes

Christine Ebersole coming to Orlando or not?

Christine Ebersole, Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble, June 2008
Sweeney Todd is coming back to Orlando March 6 – 7, 2009 with Davis Gaines (FSU Alum, former Broadway Phantom) in the title role, the Bob Carr as the venue and the Orlando Philharmonic on drums. This was announced earlier in the year.

They're holding auditions for "a company of singer-actors, ages 20-60, for principal and ensemble roles" Saturday, November 15 from 10a – 3p at The Orlando Opera, 1111 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando, 32804. Appointments are required. Google for more details.

But here's the big question: Are they looking for a Mrs Lovett?

Mad Cow Theatre was in talks back in March to bring Broadway star Christine Ebersole in to play the role, but no announcement has been made about her participation yet. I hope she's doing it. But if they don't know by now, I doubt it's happening. But you never know. We can hope!

Photos: Playwrights Roundtable reading

Two new plays by members of The Playwrights Roundtable premiered at a reading Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 1 pm at the Orlando Public Library, 101 East Central Avenue. New work: love it! Check their website for upcoming performances.

"MacBetty" by John Goring was read by Eric Kuritzky and Sara Matthews. "The Mayor of Orange Avenue" by Al Pergande was read by Christian Kelty, Sara Jane Freidlich, Sara Lockhard, Beth Cummings, Michael Marinaccio, and Ryan (last name unknown). They did a short audience talk back following the readings.

Jennifer Hudson: Mother and Brother Shot Dead

Photo Credit: MTV
UPDATE 10-27-08: Boys body found

You read it right. The singer/actress' Mother and brother were shot Friday:Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother died of fatal gunshot wounds Friday (October 24), police have confirmed to MTV News.

A Chicago police representative said the singer's mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson, and older brother, Jason, were killed. Donerson was 57 years old; Jason was 29.

Officers received a call shortly before 3 p.m. Friday, the representative said, and upon arriving at the residence, 7019 South Yale Avenue, found the two victims. The incident has been declared a double homicide; police emphasized that this may be a domestic situation. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and her family.

Take Beth Marshall's kittens and be an Orlando Fringe superstar

Name one of them "Patron"

...and the other one "Pick"
Kittens Need Homes and You Need, well, read on...
Orlando Fringe Producer Beth Marshall is trying to find homes for four kittens her adult cat gave birth to. They're two months old, 1 female and 3 males, dewormed, de-flead, no health issues, are liter box trained and get along well with people, dogs and other cats. For more information email her:

That's all well and good, but what I am having a slight issue with is her very unorthodox way of trying to get you folks to take them. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. Unorthodox. Well, why don't you judge for yourself and read the following information I got from Beth about the cute kittens that appear in the poorly-shot photographs above.Beth told me if you adopt one of her kittens (or more), she'd GUARANTEE that your show gets into the 2009 Orlando Fringe Festival. Yes, the festival is unjuried and yes this goes agains…

Waterhouse Residence Museum: find the mouse

Christmas crap at the best junk shop in Salt Lake City
Wanna pay $3 to see a historic house decorated for the holidays? Sounds like cheap homey fun starting November 12th: Experience a real Victorian Christmas as our historic house museum, the Waterhouse Residence Museum, is transformed for the holidays with Christmas trees, decorations, and old Florida traditions. The home was originally built by Maitland resident and carpenter William Waterhouse in 1884. The tour also includes a look at the Carpentry Shop Museum, which contains an antique tool collection. Guests will also enjoy searching the rooms for a special visitor, the Waterhouse Mouse!The mouse thing better be a stuffed mouse and not some scurrying rat with candy canes hot-glued to it's back.

November 12th-January 11th
Tour hours: Wed-Sun Noon-4 p.m.
Admission: $3 adults, $2 children
Waterhouse Residence Museum, 820 Lake Lily Dr., Lake Lily Park, Maitland
More info: 407-644-2451

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sesame Street!

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sesame Street
But Didn't Know Who To Ask:
Brunch with Fran Brill, Sesame Street principal puppeteer
Sunday, November 9, 10 a.m.-noon
Orange County Regional History (65 E. Central Blvd.)
Tickets: $20 members, $25 non-members
Presented by the History Center and IBEX Puppetry

Fran Brill is an acclaimed actress and puppeteer and was the first female Muppet performer to be hired by Jim Henson on “Sesame Street.” Brill answers the “how’d they do that” questions you’ve always wanted to ask, gives a peek behind the scenes of “Sesame Street,” and tells what it was like to work with Jim Henson.

Using video clips, Brill tells how she broke into the “boys club,” and how she develops characters like Prairie Dawn and Zoe. Zoe will make a special appearance and a question and answer session and photograph signing will follow the presentation.

Brill created many loveable Muppets and has many film and television credits including “Saturday Night Live,” “The …

Young vs old in cabaret battle Monday night

Reminder:Something Old Something New, a cabaret benefit presented by Checkerboard Productions, (a youth-run theatre group for youth) is this Monday night, October 27, 7pm, at the Orlando Youth Theatre (an adult-run theatre group for youth), 398 W Amelia St Orlando, FL 32801. Three reasons to go:

1. Eight dollar tickets online. Ten at the door.

2. How many youth-run theatre groups in Orlando do YOU know of? This is an awesome thing Orlando would benefit greatly from. Let's support them and see where they go!

3. Elizabeth Murff is in the show. She is the Laura Hodos of comedy.*

4. The concept is neat: the seasoned performers in the cabaret (i.e. the old people) sing modern Broadway songs full of belting, screeching high notes and curse word-infused lyrics, while the youngins in the cabaret sing Broadway classics with dated topics and references to "the war" or holding hands. LOVE IT.*If the Orlando-based singer/actor Laura Hodos is in a production, you go. No questions asked.…