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Walt Disney: the Opera by Philip Glass

Well, there was Jerry Springer, the Opera. And now... Walt Disney, the Opera?"US composer Philip Glass is to write a show for the New York City Opera based on a fictional story about the final months of the life of late American film producer Walt Disney, the opera announced.

The production will open the 2012-2013 season and will honor the 75th birthday of Glass, one of the US's best-known contemporary classical composers.

"The story of the last days of Walt Disney, American icon and creator of perhaps the most pervasive fantasy world on our planet, is surprisingly gripping and at times disturbing," Glass was quoted in the statement as saying.

The music will be based on the novel The Perfect American, which imagines the last months of Disney, who died in 1966. The novel relies on testimony from an Austrian cartoonist Wilhelm Dantine who worked with Disney in the 1940s and 50s."Source, Source

North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival applications due NOW

Calling all Orlando improv groups! All three of you. Applications are due REALLY soon for the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Submission Deadlines: Sept. 30 ($25) / Nov. 1, 2008 ($35). Festival dates: February 13 — February 22, 2009.

It would be cool to have another group represent Orlando for 2009 in North Carolina. I performed in the 2007 festival and would recommend it. The organizers, venue and tech set-up were all awesome. (See video below) You have to rent a car to get around fyi.

Improv Cabaret @ '07 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival
(It was called the Dirty South Improv Festival back then)

Arts and the Economy: Margot H. Knight

"How will the recent economic events affect
you, your org, and/or your industry?"

Margot H. Knight
President & CEO
United Arts of Central Florida, Inc.

2009 Observations and Overview
Business people I have spoken with anticipate 2-3 years before our economy bounces back. The issues with the nation’s financial markets have both immediate and long-term implications for philanthropy and sponsorships.

For the first time since our UA’s inception in 1989, the organizations we fund are PROJECTING negative growth, e.g projected budgets for FY09 are LESS THAN FY08 year-end estimates.    

Next year’s government support and attendant challenges will make this year’s look like a walk in the park.  The state’s looming $3.5 billion deficit for 09-10 will add to the dilemma local governments are facing.

Dr. P. Phillips Orlando Performing Arts Center will, conservatively, be twice the size of any extant cultural organization. Scheduled to open in 2012, it is reasonable to expect that produc…

Arts and the Economy: Terry Olson

"How will the recent economic events affect
you, your org, and/or your industry?"

Terry Olson
Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs

The economic slow down, along with a number of tax cuts put through in the past few years, results in the State of Florida having less revenue (probably A LOT less) . . .so . . . they will probably continue to give unfunded mandates to local governments and also continue to find ways to cut the property taxes (which are the main revenue of local governments.) That means that next year Orange County Government may have to cut A LOT of money out of its budget.

It if does, that could mean cuts in the funding of "outside agencies". United Arts is the primary "outside agency" receiving funding from the General Fund. For about 18 years they received $1 for every citizen in the County (over $1 million). In the last two years that has been cut to about 77 cents per citizen or around $780,000. That could go away completely or be c…

Mad Cow Theatre: new website

Moo! Mad Cow Theatre's got a brand new website. Looks awesome.

Florida Theatrical Association in, Broadway Across America out

From fifty cents a ticket to two dollars a ticket. From $2,000 a show to $2,500 a show. Looks like The Florida Theatrical Association Inc. is going to give the City of Orlando a MUCH better deal in it's three year contract that starts October 2009 than Broadway Across America ever did in it's ten year contract that ends at the same time. From the Orlando Business Journal:

"The Florida Theatrical Association Inc. inked a deal Sept. 15 with the city of Orlando to bring in at least 40 Broadway-type plays and musicals annually to the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center — a move expected to generate more money and prestige for the city.

The three-year contract — which starts Oct. 1, 2009, and runs until the new Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center opens in 2012 — means the end to the city’s 10-year contract with New York City-based Broadway Across America. That theatrical promotion company has rented the Bob Carr theater from the city since 1999.

The new deal will help Orlando compete…

Phantom of the Opera's Raoul: Greg Mills

The National Tour of The Phantom of the Opera is playing a long October sit-down October 30 - November 22 in Tampa, Florida and features an old college classmate of mine (and Melbourne, FL native) in the lead role of "Raoul," Greg Mills. I had the chance to do an email interview with him about the tour, his role and the show.

You play Raul in this tour. What's it like to perform the role?
It is a dream come true to play Raoul. "Phantom" was the first musical I ever heard, and the first I saw on Broadway. Raoul is a great role to play. It's romantic, heroic and passionate. I really enjoy the part because, at the end of the night, I feel like I have really been through a journey and finished off the arch of my character. I am also lucky enough to understudy the Phantom. It is a nice change to go on occasionally and explore my darker more sinister side. And it is also such a pleasure to perform with so many other wonderful actors.

What was the audition process l…

Bill Maher mocks Orlando actor, Jesus

Bill Maher and Orlando actor, Jesus
Photo Credit: Lionsgate Films
Is this old news? I was on Gawker this morning and clicked on an ad for a documentary featuring Bill Maher called Religulous, watched the preview on the website, and saw Maher interviewing Jesus at what I thought was Orlando's The Holy Land Experience.

I googled and sure enough, it's The Holy Land's Jesus alright! So a big congrats goes out to our hometown Orlando actor, Jesus, who made it into the film. It opens October 3.

And speaking of Jesus, you can catch me screaming at him March 25, 2009, in Daytona Beach at Peabody Hall in the national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm playing Herod, the guy who sings, then screams, at Jesus (played not by the Orlando actor, Jesus, but by the original Jesus, Ted Neely).


Added performance: Jakes Women

Due to demand, the UCF production of Jake's Women is adding one additional performance. Tickets are now on sale for Wednesday, October 1, 8:00 PM curtain. Remaining shows are tonight through the 28th & October 1-5 Wed-Sat at 8pm. Sun at 2:00pm on UCF's Main Campus.Neil Simon's genius for comedy takes an interesting turn. Jake is a writer, married to Maggie, but his marriage is in trouble. He can't stop thinking about the other women in his life. They keep popping up in his imagination - or are they really there? Funny and touching.Call the UCF Theatre Box Office at 407.823.1500 for tickets.

Greg Rollett: social marketing for musicans

Michael Wanzie, me and the "Pointless" poster
2008 Orlando Fringe Festival
Great post by another local blogger, Greg Rollett, about how unsigned bands can get some attention. I love what he says, and I'd say those in any industry can take his advice and apply it to their situation. I, for one, thought of Orlando Fringe when I read this particular paragraph. Replace "band" with "show". Or, here, I'll do it for you: "Flyers, posters and emailing your same group of people is not an answer, that is routine. No one gives a shit about routine. Be strange. Be outgoing. Be something that every other (show) is not. Anyone can (do a show) now, and a lot of people (do good shows). What you do to get people to care is what is going to make the difference..."Go read the whole article now while I re-think my entire Orlando Fringe show marketing strategy. (Yes, I might be coming back AGAIN to do my little solo improv show. I know, I know.. "Move on,…

Living Orlando reviews Kiss Me Kate

Living Orlando posted a theatre review of Orlando Shakespeare Theatre's Kiss Me Kate. Here's a taste... "Tafler, who plays the role of Lilli (and the role of Katherine in this “play within a play”), joins Patterson, as Lilli’s ex-husband Fred (Petruchio), in “Wunderbar”, a charming song that remembers their past love and the good times gone by. Void of any slapsick or wild humor, it’s a performance unlike any other in the show. It’s the point at which I found myself interested in the characters and believing that there just might be a story behind all the fun."I found the review well-written and smart. Kudos to Living Orlando for branching out into theatre reviews. Can't wait to see more. And here's to indie media in general!

Meanwhile in New York: Candace Bushnell book signing

Meanwhile in New York... I went to a book signing Monday Sept 22nd by Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle and her new book (of which I bought a copy for Mammatelli) One Fifth Avenue. I got a few photos and one Q&A answer on video. NYC copywriter and Orlando Exodus member (ie: former Orlando-ite), Kate Addicott, joined me. She, too, bought a copy for her mother. "One Fifth Avenue, the lovely Art Deco beauty towering over Manhattan’s venerated downtown, is the kind of New York address you have to earn your way into—one way or another. For the women Candace Bushnell chronicles, it is an essential starting point for the lives they’ve crafted—or are determined to have. From the hedge fund king’s wife to the aging gossip columnist or the free-spirited actress, socialites or social climbers, the rich panoply of their lives comes together under the roof of the soaring landmark building." (Source)If you read about an event happening in NYC that you can&#…

Gaylord Palms: Blank Canvas Employee Art Show

You think all those employees do over at Gaylord Palms Resort is turn down bed linens and vacuum rugs? Well, it's what they do usually, but on Sept 30, they're showing over 100 pieces of their own art: photography jewelry, oil paintings and floral design.

This is the second year the employees have done this, and they call it The Blank Canvas Collection. It's designed, of course, to showcase the hidden artistic talents of the Gaylord Palms team. I think the idea rocks.

We're all invited to go check out the art (and the floral design) Tuesday, September 30, from 10am to 8pm. If you wanna meet the artists, they'll be there for the first hour and then they gotta get back to sweeping.

This is a cool event hosted by a gigantic company that's letting their employees do something fun, and hopefully make some money from it.

Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, 6000 W Osceola Parkway
Kissimmee FL (Emerald 8 Room)

Please call Keith Salwoski, public relatio…

Free Night of Theatre 2008: Orlando?

Free Night of Theatre: Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the not-for-profit American theatre, developed this exciting and innovative national audience development initiative to attract new audiences and raise public awareness about live theatre. As TCG continues to roll out the Free Night program across an expanding national stage, the program provides a unique opportunity for theatres nationwide to collaborate on a project that provides access for new audiences to experience the joy of theatre for the first time.

October: National Arts and Humanities Month

October is National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM)—our opportunity to recognize and celebrate the positive impact the arts bring to our schools and communities. We hope you’ll join us along with other arts leaders and supporters across the county in recognizing the importance of arts and culture in our daily lives.

This year’s highlights are listed below, but be sure to visit the NAHM website at for additional information.

Participate Locally
National Arts and Humanities Month Events Map—Learn more about the NAHM events happening nationwide this October. Use this Google Map to create, track, and share information about your NAHM events and programs with others. To have your event included, e-mail

Creative Conversations—Are you an Emerging Arts Leader? Attend or host a Creative Conversation in your city this October and connect with others who want to make a difference for the arts in your community.

Get Involved
Become a fan of NAHM on Fa…

Non-profits: Risk, Reward, and the Agency Problem

Interesting post on the Fractured Atlas blog about non-profit success. Here's what the writer says about non-profits:"1) Employees can’t own stock, so they don’t benefit from financial success. Yet they’re still vulnerable to financial failures (i.e. they can lose their jobs or suffer career setbacks). To a lesser extent, the same is true for non-profit Board members. When someone’s got no stake in the upside but is still exposed on the downside, the rational response is extreme conservatism.

2) The culture of the non-profit sector is such that managers go to absurd, herculean efforts to avoid admitting failure, mostly in an effort not to embarrass themselves in front of funders.

3) Non-profit organizations are chronically under-capitalized. By failing to build reserves or hoard surpluses, we end up in a situation where each budget is a tightrope. A single serious misstep is enough to pose an existential threat to the organization."

Disney Fairies coming October 24

Released Sept 24, 2008
Video Credit: Orlando Attractions Magazine
"Among two hours of talks delivered September 24th to the media in a “Business Behind the Magic” presentation by Disney, Francois Leroix, vice president at Walt Disney World Entertainment, described the new meet-and-greet opportunity coming to Toontown in the form of Pixie Hollow, where Tinker Bell and four of her fairy friends will reside. Pixie Hollow opens October 24, four days before the new Tinker Bell movie is released DVD and Blu-ray." -Orlando Attractions Magazine

How do I get invited to this stuff?

Decoding Oscar Wilde via Ganymede

I met New York writer Erik Mitchell at a play reading at 2nd Stages Theatre a couple months ago and he immediately began telling me about new project he was creating, Ganymede, a new New York literary and cultural journal. The idea struck me as interesting and last night, after two months and one viewing of the wretched "The Dutchess" with a group of friends, he handed me a copy, the very first one!

The first thing you notice is, well, the half-nekkid mens. Yes, included amongst the pages of smart reviews and writing, which is very well laid out and designed, is... scantily-clad men. He explained why: “Our features reflect the mix of high and low tastes actually pursued by literate gay men.” That makes sense, but frankly, I wish it weren't there. It's odd to me. But, I am illiterate as hell and maybe this is what writers do! Who knows? I don't.

Anyways, what I'd like to focus on is the writing, and one piece in particular he sent me that will appear in the se…

Maitland Historical Society benefit SOLD OUT!

The Maitland Historical Society's 10th Annual Benefit Auction, An Evening in the Grove, is SOLD OUT at $50 a person. Congrats to the society. If you were one of the lucky few to get tickets to the event on October 10th, please also send me photos of the folks dressed in "citrus inspired" attire, as the invitation requested.

Men, women, who cares?

Mad Cow changed their season (without sending me a notice) replacing two plays with two different ones. The reasons are irrelevant. What is, is this comment left by Julia Gagne:Mad Cow had been a strong candidate to win the Women Playwrights' Initiative traveling WOWW (Wave of Women Writers) award for 2009 because 50% of the plays in their new season were written by women. It is sad that circumstances required that they drop two of those, and that both replacements were written by men.Who cares the gender of a playwright? I guess I should say, I don't. I don't care what gender, race, handicap or nationality a playwright has. If the play is good, the play is good. And this Women Playwrights' Initiative gives out an AWARD theatres that chooses plays written by women over men? That line of thinking is so far away from my brain. Why not give an award to theatres who choose plays written by blacks over whites? Blind over seeing? I mean, really?

Anyways, go read Maupin blog f…

History Center: National Geographic

The History Center proudly presents an event that has nothing to do with beer, football players or cheerleader autographs called In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits November 21, 2008 – January 18, 2009 featuring "50 iconic portraits and scenes from around the world...color and black-and-white images, shot from the early 20th century to the late 1990s... the ethnographic study of “exotic” cultures around the world – uncommon photographs of common people..."

In conjunction with In Focus, the History Center is presenting “Trailer City: Portrait of a Community”"...which will explore the disappearing Florida through photographs of a 70-year-old community of trailer homes situated on public land in Winter Garden, Fla. The exhibit serves as a tribute to the heritage and history of rural communities and diverse neighborhoods."

On November 20, 2008, the museum celebrates In Focus with a cocktail reception featuring international food and music, and special guest…

Wayburn wants your children

"Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises, LLC is searching for outgoing, talkative, intelligent kids between the ages of 5 and 9 to be interviewed on camera for an upcoming episode of our new web-based reality show entitled "PUSHING SASSY." These interviews would be with our popular character, octogenarian Entertainment Legend Wayburn Sassy and will be done in the style of "Kids Say the Darndest Things!" If you have an outgoing, charming kid and would like to schedule an interview with Wayburn, please email us at There is no pay for this project. However, we will provide you with your own copy of the episode once it's aired."

Performers needed: deadline Oct 10

A panel on the future of the arts and arts education in America
August, 2008
"Scott Evans of the Orange County Arts Education Center is looking for performers for the 2009 Principals Appreciation Breakfast.

The Principals Appreciation Breakfast is an annual event that brings together the leaders in education with the leaders in the arts community to remind everyone of just how important arts education is to our children.

The live performances help demonstrate the strength of arts in this community, so sign up NOW (the deadline is October 10, 2008)! You can click here for the entry form.

The breakfast will be held January 30, 2009 from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the Orlando Marriott Downtown.

To learn more about the Orange County Arts Education Center and the Principal Appreciation Breakfast visit them online at"

Marni Penning as Sarah Palin

I met actress (full-fledged Shakespeare-trained who will be performing at Orlando Shakes in January!) Marni Penning in my Improv 101 class at Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City 2 weeks ago who is hawking herself out as Sarah Palin for events and getting quite the reception. Her youtbe video above has been viewed over 2,300 times and look at the gigs she's lined up:I'll be appearing as Palin in New Mexico next weekend, then in Green Bay, WI on the 10th, Louisville, KY on the 16th, DC on the 18th, Great Falls, VA on the 25th, and maybe Greenwich, CT on Halloween!Someone bring her to Orlando! She'd be great! (And no this is not some paid ad!)

Sak's Keith Dickerson enjoying Nashville so far

Here's an email from SAK Ensemble member and corporate sales guru (for SAK) about his first few days in Nashville. (He just moved there from Orlando and will continue on as SAK's corporate sales guru from afar, bringing the SAK name and product to new cities in the South).

If you know folks in and around Nashville, let them know about Keith's presence and the great product SAK can bring to their corporate functions. (Gosh I've been sounding like such a SAK fan these past few days. Well, I am. And it just happens thay've had a few stories coming out. Anyways, whatevs. They've been around 30 years. They deserve a little press now and then. Hello friends!

I've officially been a Nashvillian now for one week and one day – and so far I've painted my new office … introduced my cat to his two new girlfriends… saw Hal Ketchum ( perform as part of the Americana Music Festival… attended a barbecue hosted by the Nashville Songwriter's Association……

Dunkxchange, Miami, Sept 28

Need new shoes? Specifically ones that scream "I know what's in style and it's not Keds!" Then take a read about this show exchange concept coming to Miami this weekend:

Dunkxchange: 1pm to 6pm, Sunday Sept 28; Metropolis Downtown, 950 NE 2nd Ave, Downtown Miami

Securing rare sneakers normally means navigating the shady pathways of eBay, never laying eyes on the seller of your shoes, or the hideous gnarled feet he claims they never encased. Get face-to-face with your kicks at this Sunday's Miami Dunkxchange.

Dunkxchange: Set up in Metropolis Downtown, DXC's a sprawling one-day sneaker & streetwear bazaar that puts local & national vendors and individual collectors together with prospective buyers, who instead of guessing at their purchase's quality can stick their nose right in there and hope to God they enjoy that "new sneaker smell". Haggling's the norm, even over new stuff from the likes of professional heavyweights like Footsoldiers…

Takedown Magazine taking submissions

Takedown Magazine is accepting submissions. The magazine and website look spectacular so take a look at their vision and submissions process:"TAKEDOWN will represent anyone who wants to express themselves through the arts (this means all avenues of the arts). The purpose of TAKEDOWN Mag is to create an outlet for artist of all kinds. We at TAKEDOWN have one goal. This is to take all the money made and open a gallery. This gallery will be dedicated to all the art that is involved and create an atmosphere for performing artist to do their thing. The end result will be a self-promoting machine that will bring art to everyone who is interested. TAKEDOWN is currently looking for painters, sculptors and creative writers. Basically artists to fill the pages up with topnotch creativity. As for writers, we are very open minded! TAKEDOWN Mag is very different. So do not hesitate to be a part of something different. You only live once. Please upload samples of art work in .jpg or .pdf forma…

Warhol event: Sept 27

Takedown Magazine presents War-Hol, Artists in Respect to Andy Warhol, September 27, 7pm-1am, RV Studios, 630 West Central Blvd, Downtown.

(click to enlarge)

Orlando makes Perez on Amendment 2

...and by "makes Perez," I mean "9 million people read about Orlando today." The topic? Amendment 2:The Orlando Sentinel and 10 other Florida papers urge you to say NO.

Here are 6 good reasons why you should vote NO on 2 too:

1. Taking Away Benefits: Amendment 2 could take away existing benefits from all unmarried Floridians

2. Hurting Seniors. Amendment 2 could force seniors to choose between important benefits like sharing health care and important government benefits.

3. "Gay Marriage" Bait & Switch: Amendment 2 claims to ban "gay marriage" but Florida already has multiple laws banning same-sex marriage

4. Massive Government Intrusion: Amendment 2 puts the government where it doesn't belong - regulating the personal relationships of Floridians.

5. Hiring Expensive Lawyers: Amendment 2 could force unmarried Floridians to hire expensive private lawyers just to protect their basic legal rights.

6. Dramatic Consequences: Amendment 2 could take a…

Enzian FilmSlam: open letter from John Thiesen

This email went out to the Enzian FilmSlam email list, but I thought it should be seen/read by those of you not on the list. It's a great (though long) intro to the event, it's history and the passion behind it all. It's written by John Thiesen (listen to an interview with him here) who also runs the Film program during the Florida Music Festival. Hey Filmslammers,

I wanted to take a second to write a bit of a sappy e-mail by thanking those of you who have been supporting us for years, and also to welcome those of you who are new to the fold. I have been so busy these last few months I have not sent as many correspondences as I would like, and thought this would be a great opportunity to welcome our new friends and family. This year I have been adding new people to our lists of participants by the dozens, and am constantly getting submissions from new faces and filmmakers in our community....all this makes me smile.

Those of you that remember what meager beginnings this even…

Brendan Jennings: good improv comes to Orlando

Mark your calendars for October 9th, 10th and 11th. SAK favorite Brendan Jennings will be in town for ONE WEEKEND ONLY, gracing SAK's stage with his boisterous presence and infectious laugh (and his damn good improv skills). Brendan's been living in Chicago and performing with Second City. DO NOT MISS. Make your reservations now for at least one show. (Full disclosure: I am a SAK ensemble member, so I know of what I speak. This dude rocks.)

Orlando Fringe begins fundraising

The annual fundraising event for the Orlando Fringe, All Hallows 10-For-The-Fringe, will be once again taking place this year at the Parliament House (410 N Orange Blossom Trail) Friday, October 17 (6pm Reception, 7pm show) and Sunday, October 19 (7pm Show, Appetizers following).

The show features ten 10-minute performances by Eric Pinder (funny), VarieTease (do they ever NOT do a Fringe fundraiser?), Mick LeClair (dunno him), Christopher McIntyre (dunno him), Rocky Hopson (dunno him), Lindsay Cohen (dunno her), Wayburn Sassy (We ALL know him now!), CineDance Jazz Dance (I've written about them before but never seen their show), Lisa Kat Rinaldi (Dunno her) & Rob V. (nope) and Empty Spaces Theatre Company (ubiquitous comment presence on the Maupin blog). Hosts for the show are Michael Wanzie, Pepe'(Blue Man Group's Company Manger Rob Ward) & Beth Marshall. Tickets are $10 and can be reserved by calling 407-648-0077!

I've never been. Is it fun?

Private Twitter via Yammer

So you want all the people in your org to chat using twitter, but you don't want that chat to be private? Use yammer. Only folks with an email address inside your company (ie: can both post and read your messages. It's a twitter-like way to stay in touch with folks in your org. And it works, just like twitter, on your phone, computer, IM and every other way you can think of. Watch the demo video. It's super-short and explains everything.

Theatre Community Pot Luck: Oct 19, 7pm

The 3rd Orlando Theatre Community Pot Luck will be held October 19, 7pm at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre. People are already listing what they'll be bringing in the comments section on Maupin's blog. Monkey bread, apple pie and a crock pot have been broached.

I think the gals from Pinklight Bazaar, the folks from CommuniTEA, Pom Poms, and all these local places should bring a representative and a plate of goodies to share their talents and introduce their biznasses to the Orlando Theatre Community.

I also think this event should grow to have some sort of presentation. Kind of like Pecha Kutcha for theatre. Like, 10 people 5 minutes each to present on any topic they like. It would NOT be a "Come to my show cuz it's totally rad!" presentation. Maybe a "We tried this marketing technique and it really worked," or "We invited an artist to paint our lobby and here's some photos." Inspirational kind of stuff.

Little Shop gets awesome marketing campaign

Photo Credit: Brian Feldman

Photo Credit: Brian Feldman

Photo Credit: Brian Feldman
Kudos to The Plaza Theatre in partnership Gramercy Theater for this fantastic guerilla marketing campaign! These photos were taken inside the City Arts Factory and put a fantastic unexpected twist on the tired old poster-on-window marketing schtick. Major kudos. I hope this inspires other groups to try new things like this.(Note: If you're gonna do these cool things, alert the press before you do it so we can write about it sooner!)The campaign caught my eye so I went to the show's website, EatingOrlandoAlive, (love it!) and it looks like they're pulling out all the stops and bringing in more out of towners (like they did for Aladdin) to put on the show:
"Set Designer Jeff Schultz is “defacing” the entire small theatre at the Plaza to become Skid Row, complete with dimly lit alleys, elevated train posts and pipes that seem to drip some kind of liquid.

The flesh and blood eating plant creat…

7-11 Obama McCain coffee cups

The hardest cast to find. Ever.

"Red Bull Theater accepting submissions for Non-AEA Auditions to be held in Oct 2008 for Women Beware Women to be produced Nov 08–Jan 09. Paid non-union roles available. Seeking actors who SING and DANCE and play MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS with proficiency. Shakespeare experience, classical training, and movement skills required. Diverse ethnicities strongly desired."

Source: Playbill

Tuesdays with Bobbie: Chicago opens up

Steal this idea:"The long-running, Tony-winning revival of Kander and Ebb's Chicago, now playing Broadway's Ambassador Theatre, launches a new post-show discussion series Sept. 23.

Entitled "Talkback Tuesdays," the new monthly series kicks off with Tony-winning Chicago director Walter Bobbie. The discussion will also feature a question-and-answer session with members of the cast.

The series, according to press notes, is designed to 'provide theatregoers with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of Chicago.'"And possibly to help Tuesday night ticket sales? Source: Playbill

New Greg Barris video

Greg Barris used to live in Orlando and take improv classes at SAK. Then he moved to LA and started doing stand-up and brought his act to the Orlando Fringe this year. Did you see it? I did. I liked it. But do you like this new video by Greg? I don't.

Video: UCF West Side Story set design

October 23-26, 30-November 2

Based loosely on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this timeless classic grapples with the street gang rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks. The stunning music by Leonard Bernstein is as unforgettable as the two young lovers, Tony and Maria, who embody the heart of this American tragedy.

United Arts: Professional Development Grants

(In 2007 I was awarded one of these grants to take my solo show, Improv Cabaret, to the New York City Fringe Festival. I HIGHLY recommend you take a look at this program if you are an artist with a project. Free money and it's a wonderful experience to go through if you've never applied for grants before. United Arts is super-supportive and understanding of newbies. Believe me. They are VERY understanding of newbies! -Mark)

The United Arts of Central Florida Professional Development Grants:"Attention all artists and arts administrators! You can get grant funding from United Arts of Central Florida (up to $1,500 and $500 respectively) for projects benefiting your career through the 2009 Professional Development Grants program. You can: (1) read guidelines and application from last year at (click on Grants, then Professional Development), this year’s version to be available by end of September; (2) come to a workshop (optional) to learn about the program, o…

Photos: Uberbot Munny Show

View photos from the Uberbot Munny show and oh my GOD you have to see the winners.

Photos: John Allred Quartet at Darden Auditorium

Pianist, Vocalist, Composer and, starting September 29th, The Rose and Crown Pub's "The Hat Lady Pianist" at EPCOT, Carol Stein, attended the John Allred Quartet concert Saturday, September 20, 2008, at the Darden Auditorium in the UCF Rosen College for Hospitality Management. The concert was produced by Charlie Bertini of Apple Jazz Records. She sent in some great photos and a description of the event. Keep an eye out for the next time this group performs. If they impressed Carol, you know they're good. A big thanks to Carol!Hi Mark,

Oh my, what a fabulous concert! This was a concert of world class musicians performing together with amazing artistry, technique, and experience- creating a brilliant evening of jazz! It was music at it's finest, My heart was just filled with the joy. They played unique arrangements of Love For Sale, Bernie's Tune, In a Sentimental mood, Paper Moon, It Might as Well be Spring, My One and Only Love and Speak Low.

The concert inclu…

Gay Orlando Film Festival: Oct 25 and 26

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!
The 6th Annual Gay Orlando Film Festival, October 25 & 26, 2008 will celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender cinema and educate and entrtain audiences with content ranging from poignant to family friendly to outright risqué.

Hispanic Heritage Month Kickoff

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
Copyright All Rights Reserved

Orlando Greekfest: Oct 3-5

A guy doing Greek dancing. Not in Orlando.
The family-friendly Orlando Greekfest is coming next month: live dancing, live music, church tours, iconography presentations, videos and take-out food you can order from your office on Friday!

Holy Trinity Orlando
1217 Trinity Woods Lane, Maitland, FL 32751
Friday- Oct 3: 4 pm- 11 pm
Saturday- Oct 4: 11 am- 11 pm
Sunday- Oct 5: 11 am- 6 pm

Art of the Vessel: Millenia Fine Art

The Art of the Vessel opened last night. “Glass can be blown, cast, carved, cut, and bonded with other materials,” says Robert Lombard, Gallery Director and curator of the exhibit. Lombard wants the show to “open your eyes to what this medium can do.”

The Art of the Vessel
Millenia Fine Art Gallery, Orlando, FL
555 South Lake Destiny Drive
(near the Lee Road exit of I-4)
Sept. 19 to Nov. 13, 2008

Robin Thicke: Dreamworld

Here's a new song by Robin Thicke that was sent to me called "Dreamworld." You like? I do. It's aaaaight.

Brain Noise Studios

Brain Noise Studios is a Central Florida art group. Here's the self-description:"We specialize in Murals, Comic Books, Graphic Design, and Creative Writing. If you're in the Central Florida area be sure to get in touch with us. We are always looking for new ideas, talent, and genuine art discussion. Through Brain Noise Studios we hope to give people opportunities, exposure, and help the Florida art community grow. A group of artists and writers connecting, instead of competing. Regular meet-ups are something we are implementing to get to know other artists in the area. Brain Noise also keeps up-to-date info on all the art activities and potential jobs in the Central Florida area. We don't have all the answers, nor can we promise to get you a job with Marvel or DC, but we can offer faith in what you are pursuing is worth pursuing. For us, it’s not about ego or fame, but that the best job possible is done. We value quality over quantity."We should invite the…

Orlando GuitarTown opens Sept 20

The Honorable Mayor Buddy Dyer will officially kick off the Orlando GuitarTown project in grand style Septemnber 20 2008, 3-8 p.m. at Orlando City Hall and unveil the fiberglass Gibson Les Paul model guitars (outside City Hall) and a series of regular size showcase Epiphone guitars (inside City Hall) painted by local and regional visual artists.

After this special unveiling the sculptures will be placed around the City Beautiful as part of a multi-week display.

To celebrate the official launch of Orlando GuitarTown, the City of Orlando has produced a free concert featuring popular local bands. Performances from Big 10-4, John Frank, Gerry Williams Band, Christian Wilson & the Wayward Sons and Thomas Wynne & The Believers are scheduled. The free concerts are open to all ages and free to the public. After the launch the committee will produce a map that will be available on line or in various tourist locations which will feature the locations of each guitar and sculpture.

The culm…

ORIGINAL Blue Man Group: Orlando GuitarTown

Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, the original Blue Men, signing their entry for Orlando GuitarTown in New York City.

Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, the original Blue Men, signing their entry for Orlando GuitarTown in New York City.

Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, the original Blue Men, signing their entry for Orlando GuitarTown in New York City.
(Blue Man Group photos Courtesy Blue Man Group Orlando)

Maitland Historical Society benefit auction

An Evening in the Grove:
Live entertainment, dinner, silent & live auctions
October 10, 2008, 6:30 p.m.
Champagne reception from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sheraton Orlando North Hotel
600 N. Lake Destiny Drive · Maitland, FL 32751
Dress is Festive Orange and White, Citrus Inspired (!!!), or Cocktail.
TIX: $45 members/ $80 for two members
$50 non-members/ $90 for two non-members
Tix: 407-644-2451 or go to

Doggie Sock Hop

So cute!! Email them for more info ( and check their website:

Owner of Orlando Sentinel being sued

Since we're on the subject of lawsuits...

Sam Zell, owner of the Tribune Company (which is the owner of the Orlando ZZZentinel) is getting sued by his own employees in LA! Mr. Zell, the chairman and chief executive of Tribune, took control in December in an $8.2 billion deal that took the company private but tripled its debt at a time of falling revenue. Since then, the company has eliminated more than 1,000 jobs, and sold assets to raise capital and meet debt payments. Its credit has been downgraded.Great job, Sam!In addition to Mr. Zell, the suit named as defendants the company as well as current and former board members. It accused the former management of profiting from a deal that it knew would cripple the company.

And the suit claims that contrary to public statements, Mr. Zell planned all along to sell Tribune assets and has acted without regard to the long-term health of the company or the interests of its owners, the employees.

National Arts And Humanities Month: October

Every October, in honor of National Arts & Humanities Month, Americans for the Arts partners with emerging leaders (ie young people) from across the country to host Creative Conversations. Last year, more than 1,000 emerging arts leaders participated in 41 locally hosted Creative Conversations throughout the country, and those leaders continue to be engaged at the national level."Whether you're facing a shortage of young leaders in the arts or a bumper crop, our future depends less on quantity than on ensuring that we effectively transfer knowledge and provide opportunities for trial, error, and experimentation. Young leaders need the voice, intuition, skills, and strategies to undertake this complex and life-fulfilling line of work."Orlando does not have a Creative Conversations meeting scheduled for October.

Orange County Regional History Center: 8 years old

On Saturday, September 27, 2008, the Orange County Regional History Center will celebrate its eighth anniversary by showing art and partnering with the Smithsonian for free admission.

But the big draw? The Orlando Predators. I am not kidding:"Current and former Orlando Predators players, as well as coaches and members of the Predators Dance Team will be in attendance from noon-2 p.m. for a meet and greet in honor of the arena football team’s place in the new exhibit Orlando Remembered: Faces and Places. The Predators are the first local professional sports team to be featured in a History Center exhibit."This place never ceases to amaze me with it's events. Keggers, dance teams.. what next? A Hooters retrospective?