Vegan Bakery t-shirt design contest

White cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Bakery
Sweet Tooth Vegan Cupcakes, 12-8-07
Photo Credit: Mark Baratelli
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Sweet Tooth Vegan Goodies is having a T-Shirt design contest. The winner receives a dozen cupcales of any single flavor of your choice. Designs due August 7, 2008.


1. Design must be "print ready" for silk screening (email if you are unsure what this means)
2. Two-colors maximum- not including shirt color (shirt color may be suggested, but final decision will be ours)
3. Incorporate images of cakes, cupcakes, frosting, cookies, sweets without using copyrighted images- your original artwork only
4. You can use any images off our flickr sets
5. Leave space for Sweet Tooth logo to go on shirt somewhere (our name with the little flower)
6. No maximum amount of entries, but one prize per winner
7. Theme suggestions- vegan goodness, sweet tooth addiction, love of frosting, Orlando community, cupcake cuteness, and general ideas of megalomanical vegan sweets ;)
8. Image should be maximum size of 10" horizontal and 13" vertical- this applies to the back and the front
9. All entries should be emailed to as tiffs, psds, pdfs, or jpgs. Please indicate front and back in image name.
10. All entries due by August 7th