Two stabbed at Parliament House

Found this on a blog in Boston:
A fight at the Parliament House, a gay club in Orlando, left three people injured in the early hours of July 23, 2008.

A WOFL report on the incident, posted that same day, said that one victim had been stabbed in the chest and was in critical condition...

The Parliament House is a well know gay establishment near the Orange Blossom Trail. Two years ago, in two separate incidents, gay men were attacked as they left the club.

In one episode, two gay men, Matthew Allam and Chad Cronon, a gay couple, were on their way home after the 2006 Orlando Fringe Festival awards ceremony when they were beset by assailants carrying a gun and a hammer.

The story was posted on May 31 by WFTV at its web site, and included a quote from Allam, who said that one assailant "had a gun about two inches from my face."

Added Allam, "It was quite a traumatic experience."

The couple had won a trophy which came in useful as a makeshift weapon: said Cronon, "I was able to use this ’Fabby Award’ as a fabulous weapon to defend myself against this attack."

Continued Cronon, "When I did that, that’s when the hammer came out, and I got popped in the back of my head."

Added Cronon, "And as soon as I got hit in the head, Matthew got hit in the ribs and in nose, and we finally got away."