This week's Saturdaze

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For this week's Saturdaze (July 19, 2008) you can watch "Die Mommie Die!" (at the "Theatre Downtown" venue), dine at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, and drink at Dandelion Communitea Cafe for an affordable $22 per person.

Heck, every drink at Dandelion costs $22, so this is a deal!

What is Saturdaze? Every week the Red Chair Project puts together this three-prong evening for you so you don't have to do all the leg work yourself. Dinner, a show, and after-show drinks or dessert. The price fluctuates from week to week btw. If you don't like this week's offering (and I saw "Die Mommy Die" off-Broadway and hated it) bookmark the link above and keep tabs on it. (Source)