Someone bring Pecha Kucha to Orlando

Jacksonville's got it. I want it.

Orlando needs Pecha Kucha!

I said in an earlier post I wanted to bring it to Orlando, but unfortunately I'm just too busy trying to get myself to Broadway. So, read about it below and pass the link to this post on to friends/co-workers because someone is bound to have (a) the interest and (b) the time to make this happen in Orlando.
Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email and interest in starting Pecha Kucha Night in Orlando !

Sorry about not getting back to you much earlier.

As PechaKucha Night is now in over 120 cities,it is getting more and more difficult to respond to all requests in a timely manner. Pecha Kucha Night was established by Klein Dytham architecture in February 2003 in our gallery-bar, SuperDeluxe, in Tokyo,and we are now into our 54th event.

As you probably found out, Pecha Kucha Night is an amazing event for any creative people (famous or not): designers, architects, students etc..... to show their work - be it fashion, art, design, graphics, finished projects or holiday snaps - which feeds the minds and creative souls of both, those who organise the night and those that visit to just experience the night.

It is also an integral part of Klein Dytham architecture and our reputation.

This involves 100% commitment, a thirst to search out things fresh, new and unusual, unlimited energy to pull in the crowds and keep their interest - a minimum of 4 times a year - all on top of your regular day job!

Pecha Kucha Night is a NPO - not for profit organisation.

As we are now inundated with similar requests from across the world, we would love to know more about you!!! - your design background, design connections, events experience, ideas about venues, designers you would approach to present their work etc....

Once we receive this we can review everything and get back in touch!
KDa owns the copyright for Pecha Kucha Night, 20 x 20 and if we decide to proceed we can provide you with the logos, templates and formats and our standard handshake agreement in order for you to get started!

With many thanks
on behalf of Klein Dytham architecture

Tomoko Kagawa

::: we make good buildings

::: now in over 100 cities globally
::: find a location and join the conversation

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20 things you need to know about Pecha Kucha Night

01- Pecha Kucha Night is for creativity and not for profit

02 - Pecha Kucha Night presentations are 20 images x 20 seconds each.

03 - The presenter has no control over the images. No 'forward' or 'back please'

04 - In any city there are almost no spaces where designers can share their work.

05 - Pecha Kucha Nights are about exposing the hidden creativity in a city.

06 - Pecha Kucha Nights are held in social spaces.

07 - Pecha Kucha Night is a true social network

08 - Pecha Kucha Night is about thinking and drinking.

09 - Pecha Kucha Night is about the live event - not a LCD screen in your home

10 - Each Pecha Kucha city signs a simple hand shake agreement to join the network

11 - The handshake agreements are just that, handshakes, based on trust - not money

12 - Each city agrees to run a minimum of 4 events a year.

13- In return we add the city to the global Pecha Kucha web site and the global Pecha Kucha community.

14 - Pecha Kucha Nights are held in over 100 cities

15 - Over 3500 people have already presented

16 - Pecha Kucha Night is becoming a Global Foundation.

17 - The Foundation will support pro-social projects that Pecha Kucha presenters are involved in - in their city or beyond.

18 - Profits from the events as well as sponsorship will support the Foundation.

19 - Pecha Nights are organized by students, architects, designers.

20 - Everybody who runs a Pecha Kucha Night has a day job.