Maitland needs a pulic charette and a new history museum

Does Maitland need another museum? It's got two. Apparently two's not good enough for the Maitland Historical Society. They want a brand new one to replace the two they already have, and they've got a feasibility study conducted by Donovan Management to prove it's a good idea.

Wanna see the results of the study?
Maitland Public Charette
July 23rd at 5:30 pm.
Garden Club at Lake Lily
RSVP recommended: 407-644-2451
According to the Society, a new museum will
-consolidate their two locations into one
-increase their exhibit, education and public programs space
-better serve the community

This is so important for the community... and the children... Everyone needs to make this new museum happen because what the world needs is a new Maitland History Museum. And someone to tell me what a"public charette" is.