If I May Introduce Myself...

Hola. Bonjour. Hello. Hey, ya'll (my Southern roots comin' out)!

I'd like to introduce myself to you, as the newest contributor to the "Orlando Arts Blog." I was recently asked to provide input, knowledge, and information on the Marketing/Interactive/Technology scene, and I consider that an honor. You see, I work for a Web 2.0 company based here in Orlando (that's our event, that cute little dog over in the rightrail), co-author of local blog called "Pulse of Central Florida," (previously hightlighted here on this blog) and am a member of the newly developed Interactive/Marketing/Media/Technology community Doterati. I suppose some might consider that an expert. I think I'll agree!

The webosphere moves at an extremely rapid pace, and I'd like to think I'm pretty informed on what's going on in this particular industry. That's why I'm hoping I can offer-up some insight into this ever-growing field. So if you have anything in particular that you'd like to hear or learn about, by all means please feel free to ask! Simply leave me a comment here--or in any of my future posts--or you're welcome to e-mail me directly at akeorlando[at]mail[dot]com.

I'll look forward to seeing you around, and getting to know the "Orlando Arts Blog" readers.