How money makes [even the most humanitarian] world go round

When extremes collide, it can't be a pretty sight: peace vs. war, poverty vs. wealth, faith vs. reason. And whether you're Michael Corleone or George Bernard Shaw, you'd best reply, "It's not personal, it's just business."

Mad Cow Theatre Company brings to the stage "Major Barbara", a controversial masterpiece that rings true more than 100 years after its first production.

A major for the Salvation Army, Barbara's idealism is challenged by the "charitable" contribution of her millionaire father--a munitions dealer. Barbara's inspiration to save the world is curbed only by her father's donation, giving a real-world perspective of how money makes [even the most humanitarian] world go round.

Performances of Bernard Shaw's play will be followed by lively discussions with the performers + production team. Visit the Red Chair Project page for more info, show times + ticket $$.

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