Free downtown dirt and hot dogs!

From Noon until 2 p.m. today (Friday, July 25th) folks were invited to the new Orlando Events Center groundbreaking site (on Church St. between Hughey & Division) to take part in a variety of celebratory activities:
Complimentary Kodak Photographs with a groundbreaking shovel
(Kodak? Do they even still exist?)
A souvenir groundbreaking dirt give-away
(Free dirt. Only in Orlando.)
Autographs with Orlando Magic Dancers and Magic Community Ambassador Bo Outlaw
(Autographs of dancers? Hey while you're at it, why not go down to your local kareoke bar and see if the guy singing "Open Arms" will sign your cast?)
Interaction with the Orlando Magic JetBlue Crew entertainment team
Interaction... sounds... vague. And JetBlue has an "entertainment team"? it would be entertaining for JetBlue to just stay in business with all the problems in the economy and with gas prices)
Children activities, including face painting, balloon art and pop-a-shot
(pop-a-shot. What. is. Pop-a-shot?)
A prize wheel featuring Orlando Magic giveaways
(Giveaways = they didn't cost the Orlando Magic anything)
Hot dogs and chips courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe
(Hot dogs. And chips. Why not Doritos and a 40? C'mon. If you're gonna be ghetto, why not go all the way?
For more information, please visit All proceeds benefit the Orlando History Center and their Beer-Lympics 2009.