Disney Vice President, a Segway and handbills?

From the host of the online radio show SAVE THE AC: Radio! Activism! Adventure! comes this news. (All text in prenthesis and italics is from me, your editor):
Last night, several members of the Save the Adventurers Club Facebook group reported to the show's host, Brandon DeHoyos, that Dowtown Disney Vice President Kevin Lansberry showed up at the Adventurers Club last night and pulled people one by one out of the club who were suspected of passing out handbills with information about the petitions and groups working to save the Adventurers Club. (This makes sense. Why would that kind of activity be allowed on private property?)

When Lansberry was later accosted (Really? Accosted?) by people who were ("Angered." LeHoyo used a different word. This is a family blog.) at his presence, what he was doing, etc., he jumped on his Segway and zoomed off into the night only to return with even more security personnel (on Segways?), including a bodyguard-type who followed Lansberry throughout the Island (on a bodyguard Segway?).

(When this stuff happens, one word: video. VI-DEE-OH! Take it, shoot, put it on youtube. Please? I wanna SEE the army of Disney Segway Ninjas.)

Three separate guests reported to Save Pleasure Island/Adventurers Club Online Radio show that there were dozens of Disney security personnel at the Adventurers Club alone last night. (I can see them all, standing there with water hoses, ready to attack.)

A new rumor has surfaced which suggests the Walt Disney Company has not signed a single contract for the venues it hopes to put up in place of the AC and other Pleasure Island.
If anyone has any info about this night of Segway/handbill/no video, please leave a comment on this post.