The Broken Speech Poetry Slam needs your help

Madison, Wisonsin (view more photos of Madison)

The Broken Speech Poetry Slam needs your help:
"We have one spot available on Team Orlando 2008 that we need to fill. Because of this open spot, we are holding an emergency slam off this Thursday at Stardust Video & Coffee (1842 Winter Park Rd) at 9:30 pm. We have 8 slots available and will expand to 12 spots if the interest is there. The winner of the Emergency Slam Off will be on Team Orlando 2008 and compete at the National Poetry Slam with the remaining members of Team Orlando 2008. The winner's registration fee is already paid for but you'd have to take care of airfare and hotel to Madison, Wisconsin the week of August 3-8 (we will help defray your costs any way we can since this is last minute). You can sign up by e-mailing or showing up to the venue. Thanks."