Broken Speech Nerd Slam July 10

Ok I am an officially lazy blogger. But in my defense, these releases I am getting are LOOONG, and the one below I thought was good left as-is. It didn't need my re-writing. Honest! Here's repost number two:

On July 10, Broken Speech hosts its fourth ever Nerd Slam, sponsored by Orlando's best comic shop, A Comic Shop

What is a Nerd Slam?

Created by Shappy, a nerd slam is where you can perform your sonnets about Star Trek, love poems about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eulogies to Optimus Prime, or other poems that showcase your adoration for all things that are deemed nerdy.

How does the Nerd Slam work?

Round 1-Head To Head Trivia Death Match: Two names are picked randomly. Each competitor gets a question related to one of their topics. Winner goes on to Round 2. Loser reads a poem takes a prize-gets off stage.

Round 2-Head to Head Slam: The winners go head to head and are judged by the audience whose poem is nerdier. Again, randomly drawn. Each winner goes on to the final round, the loser gets a prize and gets off stage.

Round 3-Trivia Battle Royale: This is the epic trivia-off with the remaining Nerd Slammers. The first Nerd Slammer to answer three questions correctly earns the title of King or Queen of Nerds and wins a $50 Gift Certificate from A Comic Shop. The runner up gets a $25 Gift Certificate from A Comic Shop. The losers will also get some cool prizes too.

One thing is certain, everyone who signs up will get to read a nerdy poem and get a cool prize as sponsored by A Comic Shop.

Who's handling the trivia?
J. Bradley, a two time Trivia Master at the NPS Nerd Slam, and Dan, one of the good folks from our sponsor, will be laying down the trivia smackdown on our Nerd Slammers along with our Nerd Jury.

How do I sign up?

E-mail with your name and your trivia preference and we will put you on the list. We have twelve slots available. See the NERD SLAM!