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Uberbot Munny contest:

Uberbot is having another Munny contest. You can't win if you don't enter, so do both. And listen to their streaming radio station while you paint/sculpt/burn your Munny.

Orlando GLBT Theatre Festival Guide


August 28th - October 5, 2008

Darden Adventure Theatre at the Orlando Science Center, 777 E. Princeton Street

At this time, tickets are only available by check or money order via USPS. Request an or der form: Tickets available in person on the day of performances, but only advanced sales guarantee the best available seating. Credit card purchasing will be available soon with the addition of a processing fee. Season tickets are available at three levels - $60.00 for adults; $48.00 for seniors; and $36.00 for students. Individual tickets are $24.00 for adults, $20.00 for seniors, and $16.00 for students with valid identification.

"An angry, unremitting and gripping piece of political theatre." – NY Daily News.

"Like the best social playwrights, Kramer produces a crossfire of life and death energies that illuminate the many issues and create a fierce and…

Encore: Disney Cast member benefit for United Arts

Photo Source
Each year, Walt Disney World’s Encore! Cast Choir & Orchestra gives all Walt Disney World Cast Members and their families the opportunity to perform in a choral/orchestral environment with proceeds from each concert being given to a selected charity. This year United Arts of Central Florida has been selected was the designated charity. View more photos from Encore and let us know, if you attended, how it was!

Puppet Show: Robin Hood

"Bedtime is transformed into a land of imagination for Jack the Cat, Anne the Dog and Mary the Canary, as these fluffy friends travel to Sherwood Forest in search of Robin Hood! The show includes a 30 minute opening act featuring "It's Unbelievable Magic.""

I don't know what that opening act is, but the name alone sounds like it's worth the $3 admission.

Millenia Fine Art: The Art of the Vessel

In its upcoming exhibition “Art of the Vessel,” Millenia Fine Art presents dynamic glass vessels by Christopher Lydon, Duncan McClellan, Bryan Rubino, Christopher Cosma, Barbara Sorenson, Afro Celotto, Hiroshi Yamano and John Lewis, among others.

“Glass can be blown, cast, carved, cut, and bonded with other materials,” says Robert Lombard, Gallery Director and curator of the upcoming exhibit. Lombard wants the show to “open your eyes to what this medium can do.”

Millenia Fine Art Gallery, Orlando, FL
555 South Lake Destiny Drive
(near the Lee Road exit of I-4)
Sept. 19 to Nov. 13, 2008
Opening reception Sept. 19, 7 pm - 9 pm

If I May Introduce Myself...

Hola. Bonjour. Hello. Hey, ya'll (my Southern roots comin' out)!

I'd like to introduce myself to you, as the newest contributor to the "Orlando Arts Blog." I was recently asked to provide input, knowledge, and information on the Marketing/Interactive/Technology scene, and I consider that an honor. You see, I work for a Web 2.0 company based here in Orlando (that's our event, that cute little dog over in the rightrail), co-author of local blog called "Pulse of Central Florida," (previously hightlighted here on this blog) and am a member of the newly developed Interactive/Marketing/Media/Technology community Doterati. I suppose some might consider that an expert. I think I'll agree!

The webosphere moves at an extremely rapid pace, and I'd like to think I'm pretty informed on what's going on in this particular industry. That's why I'm hoping I can offer-up some insight into this ever-growing field. So if you have anythin…

Another Last-Minute Enzian Update

I felt pretty perverse watching Grizzly Man, waiting for the inevitable climax to happen. Masochistic or not, that's just the kind of compelled feeling I can't wait to experience now that Encounters at the End of the World is out:There is a hidden society at the end of the world. One thousand men and women live together under unbelievably close quarters in Antarctica, risking their lives and sanity in search of cutting-edge science.Now, for the first time, an outsider has been admitted. In his first documentary since GRIZZLY MAN, Werner Herzog, accompanied only by his camerman, traveled to Antarctica, with rare access to the raw beauty and raw humanity of the ultimate Down Under.ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, Herzog’s latest meditation on nature, explores this land of Fire, Ice and corrosive Solitude.
To buy tix or find show times, visit us here.Ends August 31!Blogged by MLS/Excerpted from official site (and no, I'm not a spoiler! Even the 1,000 people who live in Anta…

Bach Festival Choir Auditions

Bach Festival Choir is having auditions. They need "adults with a passion for great choral music who are able to sight read music and can commit to the Choir’s rehearsal and performance schedule."

Keene Music Building, Rollins College
Monday, August 4 from 6:30-10:00pm
Email by Wednesday, July 30. (They just sent their press release out today, July 30!) All potential choir members are required to prepare one song that is classical in nature.

Two stabbed at Parliament House

Found this on a blog in Boston:A fight at the Parliament House, a gay club in Orlando, left three people injured in the early hours of July 23, 2008.

A WOFL report on the incident, posted that same day, said that one victim had been stabbed in the chest and was in critical condition...

The Parliament House is a well know gay establishment near the Orange Blossom Trail. Two years ago, in two separate incidents, gay men were attacked as they left the club.

In one episode, two gay men, Matthew Allam and Chad Cronon, a gay couple, were on their way home after the 2006 Orlando Fringe Festival awards ceremony when they were beset by assailants carrying a gun and a hammer.

The story was posted on May 31 by WFTV at its web site, and included a quote from Allam, who said that one assailant "had a gun about two inches from my face."

Added Allam, "It was quite a traumatic experience."

The couple had won a trophy which came in useful as a makeshift weapon: said Cronon, "I was a…

Patrick Fatica at the Peacck Room with the wrench

Broken Speech Send-off for National Poetry Slam

"These poets will rock your faces off to the bone"
This Thursday, Broken Speech sends off "Team Orlando 2008" to the 2008 National Poetry Slam in Madison, Wisconsin with a showcase of the poetic might of new team members Sania (2008 Southern Fried Champ), Spoken X (2008 Southern Fried Finalist), Ronin (four time member of Team Orlando, 2006 Grand Slam Champion) and Curtis Meyer (four time member of Team Orlando, two-time Grand Slam Champ, current Broken Speech Xtreme Intergalactic Heavyweight Champion).

9:30pm, this Thursday night
$5 donation goes towards Team Orlando 2008's travel expenses
Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 Winter Park Rd

Café Scientifique: Evolutionary Antecedents of Obesity

I love discovering new talk/chat groups (not new as in new, but new as in new to me) and this one sounds intriguing.

Café Scientifique, or just Science Cafe, is a monthly gathering of scientific experts and interested lay community in a pub or other nonacademic setting exploring the latest ideas in science and technology, using plain language.

People are fat. Let's talk.
The group's August talk is "Evolutionary Antecedents of Obesity" by presenter Leslie Sue Lieberman, Ph.D. "Evolutionary medicine provides insights into why we are experiencing a global pandemic of obesity, and what we might do about it." Waffle fries and sundaes served post-discussion. Kidding.

FREE Admission
Wednesday, 6 August 2008, 7pm - 8:30pm
Stardust Video and Coffee, 1842 E Winter Park Rd.
Orlando, United States, 32803

The group has a twitter account. Get to following.

Upcoming Talks:
Removing Pollutants from Water
September 3, 2008 19:00 - 20:30

Invasive Species
October 1, 2008 19:…

State of Florida artist grant July email

Pine Cliff (detail) by Elisabeth Condon, 2008 Fellowship Recipient
Division of Cultural Affairs has a bunch of grants for artists in all mediums. Here's their July email (I just received mine today, July 29... hmmm...) with a bunch of info on individual grants. Get that paper!

If you're feeling nostalgic for that young Ewan and his "Choose this, choose that..." monologue:

Ahhhh... I remember when Trainspotting first came out. It was an exciting time in movie-making (I really miss the mid-90s). That, and it was the first time I ever saw Ewan McGregor + became totally smitten until the digi-film Robots came out. Oh well.

If you're feeling nostalgic for that young Ewan and his "Choose this, choose that..." monologue, the Enzian is showing Trainspotting tonight. Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh and featuring a character named Sick Boy, this movie about friends, drug abuse, and discotheques is a can't-miss.

Click here for show time.

~blogged by Red Chair Project(MLS)

Sing a song of sixpence (& then relive your childhood)

A Pocketful of Rhymes:
From July 24-August 2, the Winter Park Playhouse presents "A Pocketful of Rhymes", an energetic + wild adaptation of Mother Goose classics.
Performed by the Prince Street Players, the revue features timeless nursery rhymes re-imagined with ... contemporary music! dancing! and even a Sphinx!
Just because you've left the nest doesn't mean it's too late to go back. Bring along your lil sis, nephews, cousins and kids + pass Mama Bird's "greatest hits"on to the next gen of youngsters.
For additional info, visit Red Chair Project.
~blogged by MLS @ Red Chair Project

School Board Candidates Forum July 28

Tonight: Show your support for arts education in our schools by attending the School Board Candidates Forum. You will have the opportunity to talk with the candidates beginning at 6:30pm. Your participation will help demonstrate our community's commitment to Arts Education for all Orange County Public School students.

Monday, July 28, 2008, 6:30pm
The Orlando Repertory Theater , Loch haven Park
1001 E. Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803

Ikea Red Chair Project Gallery: Feldman and Knight

Brian Feldman and Margot Knight; Photo Credit: Nick
The Red Chair Gallery at Ikea Orlando is still going strong. and who's there on an almost hourly basis, in his own chair titled "I Am a Red Chair"? Orlando's top Performance Artist (as named in the 2008 Orlando Weekly "Best Of" list) Brian Feldman! I recommend following his daily observations as he sits and is observed by the Ikea-shopping Orlandoeans. Saturday July 26, 2008, he got a brief visit from Central Florida arts and culture guru (Officially titled "United Arts of Central Florida President") Margot Knight. (Source)

Pot Noodle the Musical at Edinburgh Fringe

An ad agency putting on a Fringe show for their client. GENIUS!"The world of Pot Noodle (a noodle snack in the UK)... is to be turned into a musical comedy at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Pot Noodle's ad agency Mother London has been developing a stage production - Pot Noodle: The Musical - based on some of the creative concepts used in advertising the snack in recent years and aims to dish up a 'smorgasbord of comedy'." Read the articleI personally think this is great, creative and smart. Fringe festivals are open opportunities for marketers. And how hard can it be to hire some brilliant writers, producers and performers when it's probably way cheaper than making a tv commercial? "Orlando Magic: The Musical" anyone?

Geocache with public art in Orlando

Terry Olson and the Orange County Arts & Cultural Affairs have put together an interesting event around public at and geocaching:"Find clues from this website to hidden caches near various sculptures and public art objects around the county. In each box is a journal where you can leave your mark and the date you found it. There is also a stamp that you can use to stamp your own journal or "public art" passport. After you have written in the journal, and drawn something or stamped it, put the cache back where you found it so the next person can have the pleasure of finding it and putting in their mark."

How money makes [even the most humanitarian] world go round

When extremes collide, it can't be a pretty sight: peace vs. war, poverty vs. wealth, faith vs. reason. And whether you're Michael Corleone or George Bernard Shaw, you'd best reply, "It's not personal, it's just business."
Mad Cow Theatre Company brings to the stage "Major Barbara", a controversial masterpiece that rings true more than 100 years after its first production.
A major for the Salvation Army, Barbara's idealism is challenged by the "charitable" contribution of her millionaire father--a munitions dealer. Barbara's inspiration to save the world is curbed only by her father's donation, giving a real-world perspective of how money makes [even the most humanitarian] world go round.
Performances of Bernard Shaw's play will be followed by

Toronto Next Stage Festival: L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs

UPDATE 1-7-08: An anonymous commenter says today "Next Stage Runs January 7-18, 2009." I had the year and the final date incorrect.

The Toronto Next Stage Festival is a juried annual festival that accepts eight artists/groups per year and only one international act (ie: not from Canada). Last year the show was "Bash'd," which is now moving to Broadway. Who is the 2009 selecton? L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs, the show produced by Orlando Fringe Festival Producing Artistic Director Beth Marshall. The show will be performed as part of the festival in Toronto January 7-17, 2009. Congratulations to the cast, crew and producer!

VISUAL ART: Dustin Orlando curates Spoiler Alert

Visual Art: "Spoiler Alert!", a new 4-person group show curated by Dustin Orlando, features four mid-career artists whose work you may have seen over the past ten years for MTV, Zune, Sire/Warner Bros, Vice/Atlantic, Earache Records, Threadless, Electricbaby, Myplasticheart, Hi-Frustose, Beautiful/Decay, and Art Prostitute, as well as in several nationwide gallery and museum exhibitions: TES-ONE (St.Petersburg)
BASK (St.Petersburg)
PARSKID (Seattle)
STEAK MTN (Brooklyn) All of the artwork in SPOILER ALERT is available for purchase and will be priced for the 1st time art buyer. DJ sets by KITTYBAT, LT.SMASH & NAK1 with a special performance by KITTYBAT with a live mariachi band! Dustin's last show was You Love To Hate at Say it Loud.

Saturday August 16th, 2008, 7pm - 1am
The City Arts Factory (upstairs)
29 South Orange Ave, corner of Pine & Orange,
Downtown Orlando 32801, 407-648-7060
COST: $10.00
A portion of the proceeds will go to The Parramore Kids Zone.

For m…

Mad Cow Salon: Politics

Mad Cow has a fabulous event coming up with great guests and an interesting topic.

Sunday July 27, 2008, 7:00pm


Jim Martin, director of Mad Cow's production of Major Barbara
Margot Knight, President & CEO of United Arts of Central Florida
Thomas Chatmon, Jr. Executive Director of the Downtown Development Board.

They will discuss the Politics of Art and the Art of Politics, giving a potent insight into how the City and the community can work together to support the growth of the Arts.

$5.00, Call: 407.297.8788.

Free downtown dirt and hot dogs!

From Noon until 2 p.m. today (Friday, July 25th) folks were invited to the new Orlando Events Center groundbreaking site (on Church St. between Hughey & Division) to take part in a variety of celebratory activities:
Complimentary Kodak Photographs with a groundbreaking shovel
(Kodak? Do they even still exist?)
A souvenir groundbreaking dirt give-away
(Free dirt. Only in Orlando.)
Autographs with Orlando Magic Dancers and Magic Community Ambassador Bo Outlaw
(Autographs of dancers? Hey while you're at it, why not go down to your local kareoke bar and see if the guy singing "Open Arms" will sign your cast?)
Interaction with the Orlando Magic JetBlue Crew entertainment team
Interaction... sounds... vague. And JetBlue has an "entertainment team"? it would be entertaining for JetBlue to just stay in business with all the problems in the economy and with gas prices)
Children activities, including face painting, balloon art and pop-a-shot
(pop-a-shot. What. …

History Center presents the Beerlympics!

The History Center, a museum in downtown Orlando regularly admitting busloads of school children to their educational facilities, and Metromix Orlando, a website where Defameorlando gets it's photos of booty-shaking white girls in hot pants leaning against bar stools, walls and other white girls, have PARTNERED to bring you the Heritage Bowl Block Party, a TAILGATING event with food, drink and a "Beerlympics." Wow.What
A tailgate party including alumni tents, a fountain in which to cool off, free food, music, games, silent auction, and other "spirited activities" (their words, not mine) like the Beerlympics.

"The party doesn’t stop there." (Bring on the booty-shaking white girls, please!) Admission to the Heritage Bowl Block Party also gets you into Wall Street free that evening for more football fan fanatic festivities. (Oh ok. Then there will be booty-shaking white girls after all.)

When and Where
Saturday, August 2, 2008
4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Heritage …

Vegan Bakery t-shirt design contest

Sweet Tooth Vegan Cupcakes, 12-8-07
Photo Credit: Mark Baratelli
View more photos from the 2007 Grandma Party
Sweet Tooth Vegan Goodies is having a T-Shirt design contest. The winner receives a dozen cupcales of any single flavor of your choice. Designs due August 7, 2008.

1. Design must be "print ready" for silk screening (email if you are unsure what this means)
2. Two-colors maximum- not including shirt color (shirt color may be suggested, but final decision will be ours)
3. Incorporate images of cakes, cupcakes, frosting, cookies, sweets without using copyrighted images- your original artwork only
4. You can use any images off our flickr sets
5. Leave space for Sweet Tooth logo to go on shirt somewhere (our name with the little flower)
6. No maximum amount of entries, but one prize per winner
7. Theme suggestions- vegan goodness, sweet tooth addiction, love of frosting, Orlando community, cupcake cuteness, and general ideas of megal…

Winter Park's Nick Law creates ACDG t-shirt brand

Winter Park has a 21 year old t-shirt designer named Nick Law who's selling his stuff at Sunset Strip in Orlando and Tresendi Boutique in Miami under the brand ACDG. Follow the young designer on his blog.

Red Chair Gallery opens at Orlando Ikea

Photo Credit: Tisse Mallon for The Daily City
More Red Chair Gallery Photos
The Red Chair Gallery opened July 22, 2008 at the Orlando IKEA next to Millenia Mall (4092 Eastgate Drive, Orlando, FL 32839) and will be on display to the public during regular business hours until August 4, 2008. The gallery, a partnership between The Red Chair Project, an arts event promotion entity, and IKEA, features creatively decorated red chairs created by Orlando arts organizations. The chairs will be auctioned off as a Red Chair Project fundraiser at the Red Chair Affair on September 7, 2008 at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre. Tickets are available for the Affair on The Red Chair Project website

Shop the Milk District: Covert, Bete, Etoile

Covert Skate Shop, Beta Retail Gallery and Etoile Boutique not only make up what is known as The Milk District, but they also swept the Orlando Weekly's "Best of 2008" reader's poll. To show their appreciation, they're having a sale on August 16, 2008. Even if you don't ride skateboards, wear vntage clothes or do whatever Beta Retail does/sells/is, go out and explore this row of locally-owned shops.

The Broken Speech Poetry Slam needs your help

Madison, Wisonsin (view more photos of Madison)
The Broken Speech Poetry Slam needs your help:"We have one spot available on Team Orlando 2008 that we need to fill. Because of this open spot, we are holding an emergency slam off this Thursday at Stardust Video & Coffee (1842 Winter Park Rd) at 9:30 pm. We have 8 slots available and will expand to 12 spots if the interest is there. The winner of the Emergency Slam Off will be on Team Orlando 2008 and compete at the National Poetry Slam with the remaining members of Team Orlando 2008. The winner's registration fee is already paid for but you'd have to take care of airfare and hotel to Madison, Wisconsin the week of August 3-8 (we will help defray your costs any way we can since this is last minute). You can sign up by e-mailing or showing up to the venue. Thanks."

The Destiny Foundation needs entertainers for back to school event

The Destiny Foundation of Central Florida is holding a Back to School event on Sunday August 10, 2008 from 9:00am - 5:00pm, administering free physicals for uninsured children ages 4-18 years of age and giving out backpacks and school supplies.

They're seeking volunteers for entertainment and face painting. If you are interested in participating please contact Tony Higdon at 407-849-0079 ext. 301 or by email at
The Destiny Foundation of Central Florida:
The Destiny Foundation of Central Florida is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides food assistance and social services to low-income families in Central Florida. Their mission is to assist individuals and families in Central Florida break the cycle of poverty by providing resources and tools to meet their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

"The Iliad, the Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Miinutes or Less" getting published!

Photo from the 2007 production in Orlando, Florida
Samuel French, Inc., the largest publisher of plays in the world, has offered to publish John Hunter's (SAK Comedy Lab) and Jay Hopkins' (Jester Theatre, SAK Comedy Lab) play, "The Iliad, The Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less" and handle the royalty rights for its production in all markets throughout the world!

This is huge! A play with such a widely-known topic and innate timelessness could earn these two local Orlando writers money FOR YEARS.

The play is also in the second stage of consideration for inclusion at the prestigious Actor's Theatre of Louisville Humana New Play Festival.

Congratulations to these two playwrights!

What the heck is OurLando?

Find out July 31st at 7pm at Dandelion Communitea Cafe, 618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803. There will be a mix & mingle featuring local organic beer & a light introduction to the aims of OurLando. If you are interested in playing an active role in the planning of OurLando, please join them for a beer and live music by the Token Gamblers. Also, for those LOCAL folks interested in participating in the official logo design competition, this is a chance to ask them more detailed questions of the organizers in person.

Redesign OurLando's logo, but not if you don't live here.

OurLando, a group of locals-lovin' people want you to redesign their logo only if you are local:LOCAL HOMESPUN TALENT ONLY! All studios who participate must be locally owned & independently operated & independent designers must be locally based and down with co-creating community in OurLando.I disagree with this policy for two reasons:1. Ideas are ideas. They are all valuable no matter where they come from.

2. A city is not just about what happens inside it. It's also about how it interacts with other cities.Boo OurLando.

make an album about Orlando

Night of the Nightwolf says a comment I left on the song about Orlando post "...needs its own post, its own website, and its own web forum." This is that comment:"Someone should solicit submissions from musicians and create an Orlando album. It'd be free to download and would have songs (funny, sad) about aspects of living in Orlando. And maybe the producer acts like a museum curator, you know? He/she creates a perfect blend of funny, sad, pretty, ugly, etc. So it's like a soundtrack to our city. Eh? Eh?"Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Write something gay!

GLBT Theatre Festival New Works Submissions:All works submitted should speak specifically or with a large emphasis to the GLBT community lifestyle from an interpersonal/cultural/social/and/or political standpoint. The work should be able to explore these issues, while universally appealing to a mixed audience of both the homosexual and heterosexual communities.

Casts for ten minute one acts should be 4 – 5 maximum / full length 10 – 12 maximum

All plays chosen will receive (2) formal staged readings by the GLBT Theatre Festival to be announced by end of August, 2008.

Send submissions (folloing al the rules below) to the GLBT Theatre Festival’s Director of New Works, John DiDonna:

Full Length Comedy or Drama
Time limit: 90 to 120 minutes
Two performances currently scheduled for mid to late September, 2008.

Ten minute One-Act, Comedy or Drama
Time limit: 5 to 15 minutes each work
Estimate of 6 – 7 included in final reading
Two performances currently scheduled for mid to lat…

A song about the undead in Orlando

You have to hear this song "March of the Undead" about "the undead of Orlando" from The Invasion. Are they talking about the Zombie march? Their sound is like a mix of Rufus Wainright and Queen... and Orlando!

The first song that the little player on the website plays is "March of the Undead." it only plays a preview, but still, it's just cool to hear the word "Orlando" in a song.

Disney Vice President, a Segway and handbills?

From the host of the online radio show SAVE THE AC: Radio! Activism! Adventure! comes this news. (All text in prenthesis and italics is from me, your editor): Last night, several members of the Save the Adventurers Club Facebook group reported to the show's host, Brandon DeHoyos, that Dowtown Disney Vice President Kevin Lansberry showed up at the Adventurers Club last night and pulled people one by one out of the club who were suspected of passing out handbills with information about the petitions and groups working to save the Adventurers Club. (This makes sense. Why would that kind of activity be allowed on private property?)

When Lansberry was later accosted (Really? Accosted?) by people who were ("Angered." LeHoyo used a different word. This is a family blog.) at his presence, what he was doing, etc., he jumped on his Segway and zoomed off into the night only to return with even more security personnel (on Segways?), including a bodyguard-type who followed Lansberry t…

Orlando Weekly gives props to blogs

The winners of the Orlando Weekly "Best of Orlando" got invited to a party last night, and a slide show was playing. A reader sent in this picture and I did a fantastic job turning it into it's current animated glory.

Which Starbucks are closing in Orlando area?

Venti Mocha!
Originally uploaded by betsyjean79 It's always sad to see your favorite watering hole shut down, pack up and move away, even if it is a huge multi-national conglomerate bleeding cash from over-populating planet earth with green aprons and non-recyclable coffee cups.

The Orlando Sentinel revealed the list of closings for Orlando that were posted on the Starbucks website. (the full ist as a pdf) Say goodbye to your barista before they get canned!

The stores getting closed include one at Orlando Fashion Square, two in Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs, two in Seminole Towne Center in Sanford, another in Oviedo Marketplace in Oviedo, another in West Oaks Mall in Ocoee, and one in Winter Park Village.

I feel like we should hold a funeral. Or the local coffee shops should hold a parade. Either one is fine by me.

Actually, if I were a local coffee shop, I'd bump up the PR soon. Bring some attention to yourself while Starbucks-lovers are looking for a new watering hole. An…

This week's Saturdaze

Photo Source
For this week's Saturdaze (July 19, 2008) you can watch "Die Mommie Die!" (at the "Theatre Downtown" venue), dine at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, and drink at Dandelion Communitea Cafe for an affordable $22 per person.

Heck, every drink at Dandelion costs $22, so this is a deal!

What is Saturdaze? Every week the Red Chair Project puts together this three-prong evening for you so you don't have to do all the leg work yourself. Dinner, a show, and after-show drinks or dessert. The price fluctuates from week to week btw. If you don't like this week's offering (and I saw "Die Mommy Die" off-Broadway and hated it) bookmark the link above and keep tabs on it. (Source)

Going to Miami? See this exhibit

Melissa paints. Elsa take pictures. Together, they "highlight the importance of revival and abstract art" in Inherent Connection, an art show featuring paintings of Melissa's dreams and Elsa's photographs of her daily life. The show runs August 1 through September 14, 2008, at the ArtCenter/South Florida Gallery (800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach).

Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 2, 2008
Free and open to the public!

More info:
305-674- 8278.

ArtCenter/South Florida Gallery
ArtCenter/South Florida is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization that provides subsidized studio and exhibition space as well as teaching opportunities for emerging and career artists in their facilities.

Broken Speech poetry Slam: Thursday night

To sign up for the Broken Speech Poetry Slam this Thursday night at 9:30pm at Stardust Video & Coffee (1842 Winter Park Rd), e-mail or show up before the slam begins.

Time Magazine: Florida not so hot

Time Magazine: "Is Florida the sunshine state?" "We're facing our worst real estate meltdown since the Depression. We've got a water crisis, insurance crisis, environmental crisis and budget crisis to go with our housing crisis. We're first in the nation in mortgage fraud, second in foreclosures, last in high school graduation rates. Our consumer confidence just hit an all-time low, and our icons are in trouble--the citrus industry, battered by freezes and diseases; the Florida panther, displaced by highways and driveways; the space shuttle, approaching its final countdown. New research suggests that the Everglades is collapsing, that our barrier beaches could be under water within decades, that a major hurricane could cost us $150 billion.

We do wish you were here, because attracting outsiders has always been our primary economic engine, and our engine is sputtering. Population growth is at a 30-year low. School enrollment is declining. Retirees are drifting…

Dog must be adopted today or die

(7/18/08 UPDATE: According to my friend Christian (who sent the bulletin to me in the first place) the dog was adopted and saved. Woo!) This might be real, so I am passing it along. This dog will die in 24 hours at Orange County Animal Services if someone doesn't adopt her today, Wednesday, July 16th, 2008. She has 24 hours. This is non-negotiable and no extension will be given. She's been there since July 2. The office is located on Eastgate Rd across from Mall of the Millennia, off of Conroy Road. The phone number is 407-254-9150.

Cornell turning Japanese until July 27

"Dog," 1998; Oil on panel
Takanobu Kobayashi (Japanese, born 1960)
The Consulate General of Japan has chosen the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College to be the only venue in Florida to premiere an exhibition of more than thirty paintings by nine contemporary Japanese artists called Painting For Joy

Cornell Fine Arts Museum
Tues-Sat, 10:00am-5:00pm; Sun, 1:00pm-5:00pm
$5 Gen Admission
Free! for Members & for Students w/ I.D.

Sponsored by The Japan Foundation in Tokyo, this exhibition features artists born between the late 50s and the early 60s who represent the cutting-edge in Japanese art from the 1990s.

These artists grew up during a period when Japan was achieving economic growth and during which the art of painting was "rediscovered". Their exploitation of American figurative painting, mixed with characteristics from comics and picture book illustrations, has created a new style in international painting.

The Graduate will be awake July 27

The Graduate is playing The Social July 28. Hopefully they will have more energy at the show than they do in this promo shot. Get this band some coffee. Seriously, this photo looks like a promo shot for a play... that's slow and lacking energy.

Orlando Sentinel's Bonita Burton

Episode 22: Bonita Burton (Length: 24:34)
Bonita Burton, Associate managing Editor for Visuals for the Orlando Sentinel, speaks with host Mark Baratelli about the paper's June 2008 re-design. She has been with the Orlando Sentinel since 2004 and offers a first-hand account of the reason behind the re-design, the work that went into it and how a shift in content focus dictated many of the changes found in the new look.

For an in-depth look at the redesign, read Charles Apples' post.


Subscribe to the Orlando Arts Podcast:

Photos: Obama in Kissimmee

2008-05-21 Obama Town Hall Meeting Kissimmee 187
Originally uploaded by johnvalines On May 21, 2008, Barack Obama held a Town Hall meeting in Kissimmee, Florida. I just found 89 photos of the event online taken by my friend John Valines.

Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando 2008: (2nd) Best Blog

Woo! Orlando Arts Blog (name change imminent) got second place for "Orlando's Best Blog for 2008," according to the Orlando Weekly's "Best Of Orlando" voting contest. First place went to the thank-God-someone-is-doing-it Defame Orlando blog and third went to Red White and Dude

Thank you for voting for us!

GuitarTown submissions due today

Just a reminder that the submissions are due today before 5:00PM for GuitarTown:Visual artists who are interested in becoming part of the project and painting one of the 10-foot sculptures to be put on display in the citywide event can pick up an application at the Gibson Guitar Entertainment Relations Showroom located at 25 East Central Blvd in downtown Orlando between the hours of 11am-4pm weekdays. Deadline for completed applications is Monday, July 14, 2008 at 5pm EDT. Visual artists may also download the official application and template by visiting Information regarding applications, official rules and regulations and general information can also be obtained by calling the official Orlando GuitarTown hotline at 1-866-321-4212 or by emailing

Hellboy Uberbot PHOTOS

Photo Credit
The Hellboy Art Show at Uberbot commemorating the Hellboy 2 film opening had it's own opening this past Saturday. View photos from the event on Uberbot's myspace blog.

Orlando photogs: Get into Tate Modern

Hey Orlando photographers. Get your stuff seen at The Tate in England! See below:Tate Modern is giving photographers (who are Flickr members) the opportunity to get involved with their new exhibition Street & Studio: An Urban History of Photography, which focuses on international photographic portraiture taken on the street or in the photographer’s studio.

You are all invited to contribute your own urban portrait photography in Tate Modern’s Street or Studio group on Flickr. Photos from the group will be displayed on a screen in Tate Modern and on the exhibition website. In the final weeks of the exhibition, some very fine judges will select 100 photographs to be featured in a Street or Studio photobook (which will be produced by Blurb). As a thank you, all the photographers chosen will receive a copy of the book, which will also be available for purchase through the Blurb website. (Rules)Source

Unemployed? More time to jog says Holly Benson

A great lil Florida politics story from Tampa blog Sticks of Fire:Holly Benson, inept Secretary at Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration, said in a radio interview Wednesday being poor or unemployed is no excuse to be unhealthy.

“It means,” Benson said, “you have a lot more time to go running.”

The radio host laughed in response.Listen to the clip

Maitland needs a pulic charette and a new history museum

Does Maitland need another museum? It's got two. Apparently two's not good enough for the Maitland Historical Society. They want a brand new one to replace the two they already have, and they've got a feasibility study conducted by Donovan Management to prove it's a good idea.

Wanna see the results of the study?Maitland Public Charette
July 23rd at 5:30 pm.
Garden Club at Lake Lily
RSVP recommended: 407-644-2451According to the Society, a new museum will
-consolidate their two locations into one
-increase their exhibit, education and public programs space
-better serve the community

This is so important for the community... and the children... Everyone needs to make this new museum happen because what the world needs is a new Maitland History Museum. And someone to tell me what a"public charette" is.

Is this legal? Gaston backstage photo

This is Allan Snyder as "Gaston" backstage at Walt Disney World. Doesn't Disney have a backstage rule about taking photos backstage like Universal does? I assume they don't because this picture is (a) backstage and (b) on the internets. And what is that hat on the table?

Pocahontas and her animal friends leave

Let's see if this spawns an internet radio show, two Facebook groups, a myspace group, and two petitions: The Disney's Animal Kingdom Pocahontas show is closing.


(Photo source)

big purse not allow in store

"If your purse is as big or bigger than this one it must be left in the car not allow in store."

Send in your Orlando photos:

Hellboy 2: art show at Uberbot Saturday night

Uberbot is hosting a Hellboy art show Saturday night:"Some amazing artists have come together to celebrate the release of Hellboy 2 and the inspiring art of Hellboy's creator, Mike Mignola! The fun starts at 7pm on Saturday the 12th and our little Hellboy Art Show will come complete with some tasty snacks, great DJ Tunes, free Hellboy items with purchase (Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics while supplies last) and we're also adding an extra bonus. Go see Hellboy 2 in theaters this weekend and bring us your ticket stub to receive 10% off any store item (original artwork not included)."Is it just me, or does Hellboy look like Ted Danson? (Source, Source)

Broken Speech Nerd Slam July 10

Ok I am an officially lazy blogger. But in my defense, these releases I am getting are LOOONG, and the one below I thought was good left as-is. It didn't need my re-writing. Honest! Here's repost number two:

On July 10, Broken Speech hosts its fourth ever Nerd Slam, sponsored by Orlando's best comic shop, A Comic Shop

What is a Nerd Slam?
Created by Shappy, a nerd slam is where you can perform your sonnets about Star Trek, love poems about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eulogies to Optimus Prime, or other poems that showcase your adoration for all things that are deemed nerdy.

How does the Nerd Slam work?
Round 1-Head To Head Trivia Death Match: Two names are picked randomly. Each competitor gets a question related to one of their topics. Winner goes on to Round 2. Loser reads a poem takes a prize-gets off stage.

Round 2-Head to Head Slam: The winners go head to head and are judged by the audience whose poem is nerdier. Again, randomly drawn. Each winner goes on to the final round, t…

Ikea chair, Red Chair, Chair Chair

UPDATE 7-10-08: The Red Chair Project Ikea chair give-away has ended. No more chairs are available from Ikea for free for artists to decorate and auction. The decorated chairs will be on display at the Ikea at Millenia Mall July 21st - August 4th, then available for auction September 7th at the Red Chair Affair.

BlogOrlando, Likemind, FL Creatives

This week in Geek:

1. The deets for BlogOrlando 2008 have been announced:-Sept 25-27th
-Rollins College
-Speakers: Shel Israel (a once-respected blogger who got shamed by another blogger -Loren Feldman- via puppets) and Chris Huer (some guy I know nothing about)
-registration "should be open soon" 2. The next Likemind coffee morning at Lake Eola Panera Bread (which has THE WORST wi-fi and THE WORST food and THE BEST location) will be Friday, July 18th from 8AM to 11AM. Likemind is a monthly gathering of the geek-kind with chapters in cities across the country. You get free coffee and the chance to listen to techies chat about twitter.

3. The next Florida Creatives Happy Hour at the Crooked Bayou will be Monday, July 21st from 6PM to 9PM. This is another monthly meet-up of the geek-kind.


GLBT Theatre Festival Auditions

(Read the full audition listing for details)

The Orlando GLBT Theatre Festival (Matthew MacDermid, Artistic Director; Karla Sue Kail, Managing Director, John DiDonna, Director of New Works) announces auditions for the 2008 Festival, which includes productions of Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart, David Mamet's Boston Marriage, William Finn's Elegies, and workshops and readings of TBA new works.

Auditions will be held BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in the Department of Theatre's Tech Center at the University of Central Florida, located at 12501 Research Parkway Suite 180, Orlando, FL, 32826—on Saturday, July 12th, 2008, from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and Monday, July 14th, 2008 from 10:00am to 12:00pm (with callbacks from 12:00pm to 4:00pm). To schedule an audition, e-mail For auditions, please prepare a one-minute monologue, and, if singing, one complete musical number showing range and dramatic ability. An accompanist will be provided—please bring sheet…

Dewey Chaffee Character Class

Click the graphic above to see full-size (Source)