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Record Store Day absurd: Orlando Weekly agrees

Brian Feldman pointed me to this article Orlando Weekly writer Justin Strout wrote which echoes my stance on the desperate Record Store Day event. To sum Strout's stance up..."What do record stores offer consumers that they can’t get elsewhere for less money?

Nothing." When you look at it from a customer's standpoint, the best thing for the customer... is the best thing! Record stores could have provided that, but they focused on what was best for them: same ol, same ol. Listen to what Sandy Bitman, owner of Park Avaenue cds says:“It benefits the corporations to say [physical media] is dead because they’ve brought in these golden boys who are all about digital and make that the new model. So it’s their jobs on the line if digital’s not the only future..." So like, if record store owners "jobs" were on the line, then they'd say record stores are the future, as well. And they ARE.

I don't think anyone's livelihood should be taken away from th…

Orlando is hot and lacking in people with morals. And Tyrone is white.

Momatelli (my Mom) sent me a link to a story in which an Orlando Sentinel writer walks himself down memory lane, reminiscing about the Animal Kingdom theme park. His main take-away?

It was hot.

Back when the park was first built, there was no shade and live shows were performed in open-style theatres. Now, it's still hot, but the trees have grown and the theatres are closed-in and air-conditioned. Someone get this man an award. And a glass of water.

I think it's hilarious a newspaper pays someone to write about theme parks when there are passionate, unpaid bloggers all over the world who do it for free every day.(Note: I am a passionate, unpaid blogger who does it for free everyday, so I might be biased.)

To the left of this"article" on the site was a list called "Most Viewed Popular Stories." One was titled Fans line up at Winter Park Borders to get books signed by First Lady, daughter. I thought it'd be neat to see photos of the first lady and her …

Record Store Day

I might lose a few readers (as if I had any to begin with) by saying this, but I cannot sit by and let a pack of businessmen create a day that brings attention to their dying businesses without calling them out for using peoples' nostalgia-soaked brains for their own benefit.

Record Store Day was a crock. (If you weren't aware, it happened April 19th nationwide. Read the press release.)

Do you know what record stores did to people? They sold over-priced pieces of plastic and made a killing. Nowadays (for now anyways) I can buy what I want, when I want it, and record stores (and the music industry) hate me for it. They want to go back to the days when they ruled and I suffered.

If record store business owners truly wanted to provide the best possible mode of receiving and enjoying music to their customers, they'd send people online, close up shop and start delivering milk.

Orlando Fringe Preview: Greg Barris

The Greg Barris Heart of Darkness Rock and Roll Circus: Hailed as simply "Excellent!" by the New Yorker Magazine, the creator of The Rock Anthology, one of the Orlando Sentinel’s must see shows at the Fringe- GREG BARRIS - is BACK with The Greg Barris Heart of Darkness Rock and Roll Circus! Greg Barris explores being a man, expanding your consciousness, the search for truth and death in this one man comedy spectacular. (Information gathered from this show's page on

Orlando Fringe Preview: Shadows in Bloom

Shadows in Bloom is showing at the 2008 Orlando Fringe Festival. The writer and performer, Gemma Wilcox, answered a few questions via an online survey.

Describe your show
This play is the sequel to last year's show and Orlando Sell Out Hit: "The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over." It is not essential to have seen "The Honeymoon Period is Officially Over" to fully understand and enjoy this show. (It's got) 23 new Characters performed by 1 actress.

In Shadows in Bloom, Saturn's return hits Sandra squarely between the eyes and what's lurking beneath shudders to the surface. Gemma Wilcox takes the audience on an adventure through the life of Sandra and her complex relationships. Out of the shadows and onto the stage Wilcox transforms seamlessly from male to female, from kid to crustacean, from flora to fauna in the most compelling tale yet. New exciting characters, audience interaction and the point of no return for a young woman on the edge of her indep…

Broadway Boys at Orlando Cab Fest

Headliner Broadway Boys
The 2008 Orlando Cabaret Festival is back with their standard "music from this specific year you might not know" group shows and Toxic Audio "no we're not in Las Vegas, we've hired people to copy us for that" performances, but they're also presenting some new stuff. (Christine Ebersole fans must wait till 2009) The Broadway Boys, a group of tenors with Broadway (and/or Off) credits is headlining alongside Toxic Audio, and a slew of "One person wrote some songs and I am going to sing them now" solo shows will make old people tap their feet and hug their wives. I know. I've been touring in a show just like them for almost a year.

You Love to Hate at Say it Loud

Many photos from the You Love to Hate event on April 12th at Say it Loud, curated and produced by Dustin Orlando. (Photos by

Poetry Vending Machine

Give poets five bucks at their Poetry Vending Machine and they'll craft a poem for you.

Available at this year's Fringe Festival. Hours last throughout the festival.

The outdoor lawn at Loch Haven Park.

$5 per poem, with special deals from poets on staff (Tod Caviness will absolutely write for beer)

April 30 Ideation Session

This company is looking for scenic designers. Read below.I work for BrainStore Ltd. BrainStore is a Swiss company and we develop ideas for our customers. Bascially, our clients can walk into our store and we sell them the ideas they need. Of course this does not quite work like that, but we're not far from it.

We know that the best ideas are developed when the widest range of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills, characters and interests are brought together. We have been doing this since 1989 and this is going to happen again in Orlando on April 30 at our next ideation workshop. Together with a colorful bunch of people like scenic designers, facility managers, interior designers, lateral thinkers, our clients and a trained idea technician crew we are going to produce ideas on how flexible foam can be reinvented and used in countless new ways - also when used for a set in theatre and film.

This is where you come in. It would be awesome if cool scenic designers could …

Brownie Wise is dead. Tupperware lives.

Brownie Wise on the cover of Business Week (Source)

Brownie Wise:-first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week
-created the Tupperware "home party" phenomenon in the 1950s
-Anointed as the company figurehead and marketing guru by Earl Tupper
-her lavish national headquarters drew tourists to outskirts of Orlando
-was stalked by her alcoholic and abusive ex-husband
-written out of Tupperware history
-died in obscurity

Journalist Bob Kealing (Emmy Award-winning reporter for NBC's WESH-TV in Orlando) has interviewed executives who worked alongside Brownie, reviewed hundreds of primary source documents written by Tupper and Wise, and obtained sealed court depositions regarding a series of boat accidents.

And then he wrote a book about it all!

Get that book signed at UrbanThink May 15.

Interview: David Lee

UCF SYMPHONY OF DANCE concert featuring a piece choreographed by David Lee inspired by Debbie Dean's battle with cancer

The Orlando Rep

This Thursday-Saturday night: 8pm
Sunday: 2pm

(407) 823-1500 for resevations

David Lee answered a few questions about the event:

Who is Debbie Dean?
She was a local stage manager and the Box Office Manager of The Orlando Rep. She was a very dear freind to many in the theatre community here.

How did you come to know her?
She stage managed shows for me and I fell in love with her.

How did you become involved wit the UCF dance department?
I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at UCF in the Theatre Department. There is a Dance Minor in the Theatre Conservatory and this is the second dance concert they have had at The Rep. I asked if I could create a piece with soem students.

What's your background in choreography?
I had four years of dance as an undergrad in the Theatre Department at The University of Miami. The piece we created is more of …

Orlando Fringe Venue Map

Click above to view the the unofficial venue map for the 2008 Orlando Fringe. It's unofficial only because (a) I made it tonight and (b) the producer hasn't had the chance to approve it. Once she approves it, it will become an official map that will be placed on the Fringe website.

The List: Orlando, Florida

Coming to Orlando for the Fringe Festival? Use The List: Orlando, Florida, a list of all the great coffee shops, bookstores, bars, restaurants and the like in Orlando, as recommended by the Orlando theatre community.

Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel theatre critic, was kind enough to post the video on her blog and it got a ton of responses. Those responses were what I used to create the list. I hope you find some value in it and are able to use it to find the great local places to spend your time while not at the festival.

From the Orlando theatre community: Welcome to Orlando and welcome to the Fringe!

Earl Cunningham work in NYC, but lives in MCO

A collection of Earl Cunningham’s work is on view in New York City through Aug. 31 at the American Folk Art Museum ( Where is most of it usually housed? The Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando, Fla.

Just thought that was a neat.

(Photo source)

Video, Photos, Review: Doll Factory by Varietease

***Photos from opening night***

Review: VarieTease's Doll Factory
by Tisse

This show is yet another example of awesome talent in an inadequate space with lackluster attendance. The stage was packed with a full set and cast. Yet somehow, they managed group dance numbers, full out turns, lifts, and sexually charged physical comedy that a school teacher would shake her finger at! Running at about an hour long, the story line lent itself to plenty of dynamic, crowd pleaser numbers, while moving forward in a freakishly, twisted manner. I didn't agree with all of the musical selections. The lip-syncing, while well done, became somewhat monotonous. Overall, I loved the concept, energy, and quirkiness of this spectacle!

Wednesdays, 9 p.m.
Ends April 30

$10 (age 18 and older)

Footlight Theater
410 N. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32805-1706

Photography and Video Filming/Editing: for Orlando Arts Blog.

"Tisse rocks, does great w…

PHOTO: Toy Story on Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line has a new show, Toy Story. Laughing Place has this exclusive photo. Anybody got an audio recording? Send it my way. Below is a video from Disney about the show.

Anti Advertising Agency: Free Stickers

"The Anti-Advertising Agency is a project led by artist Steve Lambert to fight back against all the (bleep) ads. They're everywhere! The AAA does all types of clever little guerilla projects, but one of the most basic things they do is give out free stickers to you, the consumer. You put them next to annoying ads, in order to send the message: "You don't need it."Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:
The Anti-Advertising Agency
c/o Eyebeam
540 W. 21st St.
New York, NY 10011Source: Gawker and Ed Shepp

DANCE: Barrettwerks $10 Preview 4/24

Barrettwerks, a modern dance concert featuring Hubbard Street Dance Chicago's Cheryl Mann (see above) and collaboration between Orlando's Voci Dance and Barrettwerks, is offering $10 tickets to the April 24th preview. Normal price is $18 standard, $12 student/senior for the April 25-27 shows.

A preview of Barrettwerks, a modern dance concert

April 24, 8pm

$10. Contact: or 904.501.5525. Leave message including performance date, number of tickets, your name, and a contact email address or phone number. Tickets can be picked up at the door the day of show, and will be held only up till 30 minutes before curtain.

Harwood Watson Dance Studios (Johnny Holloway Theater)
820 Lake Baldwin Lane

Wicked tickets in Orlando: $25

A limited number of orchestra seats for the Wicked national tour at the Bob Carr will be available for $25 through a lottery drawing held daily. Show runs April 23-May 4. Each day, 2½ hours prior to show time, people who present themselves at the Carr PAC box office will have their names placed in a lottery drum and then thirty minutes later, names will be drawn for a limited number of orchestra seats at $25 each, cash only. This lottery is available only in-person at the box office, with a limit of two tickets per person.

Wicked national tour $25 ticket lottery

Carr Performing Arts Centre

Wednesday April 23 through Sunday, May 4, 2008. For the first week of performances, the schedule is as follows: Wednesday at 8 pm, Thursday at 2 pm and 8 pm, Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 2 pm and 8 pm, Sunday at 1 pm and 6:30 pm. During the second week, Tuesday through Saturday evening performances will be at 8 pm, with a 2 pm matinee on Wednesday, and the final performance on Sunday at 1…

Bay Two at Mills Park Sales Center

Orlando’s newest gallery, BAY TWO at the MILLS PARK SALES CENTER, opens April 9th with a gathering of 24 local artists, the music of Ron Irizarry... and wine.

Mills Park Sales Center
1101 Virginia Drive

More Info

$7.00 at the door

Volunteer: Orlando Fringe

Volunteering at the Orlando Fringe Festival gives you two things: free tickets to shows and, well, thats it. But when Fringe tickets cost up to $10 per show, and there are 60 plus shows, that's a lost of money you can save just by donating your time. Let George Wallace, the Orlando Fringe Volunteer Coordinator, know which training(s) you plan to attend: volunteer AT orlandofringe DOT org. Or if you need more information, just ask him.

Revised training schedule below:April 12th. 6-730, Orlando Shakespeare Theater

April 19th, 6-730 Orlando Shakespeare Theater

April 26th. 10-11:30 Parliament House
6-730 Orlando Shakespeare Theater

May 3rd 11-1230 Orlando Shakespeare Theater


May 12, 2:00 PM, at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Interview: Dustin Orlando

Dustin Orlando curated and produced You Love to Hate, a national group art exhibition and runway-style fashion show taking place April 12, 2008 at Say It Loud on Mills. I had the chance to talk with him recently.

Ok, an art show AND a fashion show AND live music. How will this play out for the event's patrons?
Doors open at 8pm. Patrons will enter the space and immediately be consumed by art, the atmosphere of the venue and DJs playing music. Because of the scale of most of the work, the viewer should be inspired to interact with the pieces. Throughout the night a series of small fashion shows will occur. The live performances and DJ sets will provide the background music to the night, and play cohesively with the fashion show and its choreography.

You curated the art. Where did you find all these artists?
All the artists in this exhibition are people that I have worked with in the past, or are artists I have represented through my former gallery space in Miami, OBJEX art space.

Is th…

Hemingway grandson in Orlando: April 17

Hemingway family photos
Hemingway House, Key West, Florida
John Hemingway, grandson of the Nobel Prize winning 20th century author, has written a memoir, Strange Tribe, about his family and will share excerpts from it.Strange Tribe is a troubling but poignant memoir of the relationship between fathers and sons in this iconic literary family. John recounts both a sense of his father Gregory’s troubled past as Ernest Hemingway’s third and youngest son, and Gregory’s own history as a troubled parent to the next generation.

Gregory Hemingway died at Miami’s Women’s Correctional Facility in 2001 after being arrested for indecent exposure as Gloria Hemingway, the post sex change identity he had adopted. To borrow from a Hemingway metaphor, this is only the tip of the iceberg in Strange Tribe’s recounting of Gregory’s struggle with his identity, and thus, his impact on his son John.

In this compelling memoir, John shares a very personal account of his own and his father’s legacy as Hemingway…

Physical theatre jam session: April 16

A jam session where you'll improv, clown, play, explore and basically cut loose from your day job whether it be performing at the parks or sitting at a desk. You’ll leave with your imagination awakened and your creativity flowing again. Anyone is invited and the more the merrier! This month Dan Bright will be leading the class. Dan is on staff at Ringling College in Sarasota where he teaches Acting and Physical Theatre.

The Physical Theatre Junkies is a group of folks who like to get together at least once a month and basically have a physical comedy jam session for actors. Mix a little improv with a little clown and throw in lots of theatre games and you have just a glimpse of what we do.

Wednesday, April 16th 7-11 pm

$20 gets you in the door for 4 hours of play and learning
$10 get you in the door if you bring a first-timer (even if you are one yourself!)
FREE is what it costs if you bring 2 first-timers with you!!

Movement Arts Studio, 1602 Philadelphia Ave., Orl…