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Enzian: Paul Newman Tribute Month

The late Paul Newman, a member of Enzian Theater's National Board of Advisors, will be honored during the January Enzian-produced, "Paul Newman Tribute Month," a series of film screenings.

"Paul added great excitement to the debut of the Florida Film Festival in 1992," explained Phillip Tiedtke, Enzian's Chairman of the Board. "His generosity to everyone he came in contact with cannot be overstated."

A supporter of the Florida Film Festival, Newman expressed his admiration during a 1992 visit. "It's a testimony that a small independent film festival here can do so well and get out so many people. It's a wonderful theater, just wonderful."--The Hustler: free, Jan 8, 7:00 pm, shown at "Popcorn Flicks in the Park" in Winter Park's Central Park,
--The Hudsucker Proxy: $5, Jan 13, 9:30 pm, Enzian Theater
--The Sting: $7, Jan 18, 12:30 pm, Enzian Theater
--Cool Hand Luke: $5, Jan 27 @ 9:30 pm, Enzian TheaterTickets: Enzian …

Wanzie Presents: A Christmas Carol

The folks at Wanzie Presents had an awesome idea you can download and listen to: ...We present A Christmas Carol: a radio play. Our show was cast by secret committee and parts were offered to several artists within the theater community. Not necessarily actors... Scripts were emailed to the cast and each performer was charged with recording his part and sending it to Rich Charron. This was to be done without assistance (or) direction. The list of performers was also kept secret and we asked each artist to help maintain this secrecy in order that they would also get a bit of a surprise out of the final product. Rich edited and added sound effects & music. David Dorman and Julie Orhberg provided choral pieces and Jason Donnelly created the album art. Download the MP3 now.

Save theatre: write a check

Elizabeth Maupin has a great suggestion about helping the current wretched financial state of theatre in the US, during this crap-ass economy: write them a check. Simple as hell and absolutely perfect. All of it pretty depressing news -- and no doubt we'll be hearing more of these stories, and worse, in the coming months. In a perfect world, we'd all be able to help all of these theaters survive. It isn't a perfect world, of course, and maybe you feel no connection to theaters in others parts of the country. But you obviously feel a connection to SOME theater, or you wouldn't be here. So here's my suggestion -- think local.

Pick a theater in Orlando, or hereabouts, that you really care about, and send them a check. Doesn't have to be a big one. Anything will help. But do it. Now. Help theater people have a happy new year, and help theaters - and theater- survive.Send checks/donations to:Mad Cow Theatre donation page

Theatre Downtown: 2113 N Orange Ave, Orlando, …

Spoken word returns to Will's Pub

Photo Credit
"Backroom Words," hosted by Patrick Scott Barnes, returns to Will's Pub and opens January 6, 2009 at 9pm. "Open mic poetry the way it oughta be. For all you spring chickens, the Backroom Words was one of the longest-running open mikes in Orlando. Before Speakeasy (hell, before the Iraq War) PSB was holding it down. The Backroom Words was and shall be the night with the highest potential for nudity of any open mic in town. Sorry about your New Year's sobriety resolutions."

"How Progress Ate My Cracker Landscape"

Photo Credit
The Orange County Regional History Center's book club is meeting Saturday, January 10, 2009 from 3-5 p.m to hear Bill Belleville discus his latest book,"Losing It All to Sprawl: How Progress Ate My Cracker Landscape.". Belleville witnessed firsthand condos and restaurants creeping toward his rustic “Cracker” house about 20 miles north of Orlando, eventually engulfing it. He describes feral neighbors, realtors, bulldozers, dry wells and sinkholes. Whee! Snacks served by Barnies Coffee and Tea.Where: The History Center, 65 East Central Blvd
RSVP: 407-836-7010
Cost: Free & open to public

Ryan Smith returns to SAK for one night only

Ryan Smith used to perform nightly at SAK Comedy Lab until he moved to LA and started doing crazy-fabulous stuff like writing for (the now canceled) MAD TV and appearing in a bunch of commericals. He's coming back to Orlando to join the current SAK cast for a one-night-only performance December 30, 2008, 8pm. Call 648-0001 for Reservations.

FilmSlam 2009 dates released

The dates for the 2009 FilmSlams have been released. The first one is January 11, but your deadline to submit your film is January 1. Read all the rules and try it out.

Idea: If you've got anything to promote in the next six months (Fringe show, etc), this would be a great venue to do it. Make a short film involving your show, band, visual art opening, whatever, slap it in the FilmSlam, and hey, free PR.

Brickfish: vote for local

Artist's Choice - Round 1
Ok I don't get this. Brickfish is a company that makes social media projects. There's an art contest using the Brickfish tools, and the winner wins cash and moves onto a second round. The art shown here is by a local artist, and is good. I say, click "Vote" and see if later someone explains all this to us.

Shop Local: posters in other cities

Here are examples of Shop Local efforts I've seen (and photographed) in other cities. Maybe this will inspire you to make your own posters or to shop local. Or to berate the homeless like Dave Balentine.

Madison, Wisconsin:

Salt Lake City, Utah:

New York City, NY:

Wickenburg, Arizona coffee shop

Guys and Dolls: the logo

New "Guys and Dolls" logo! (Website, Facebook, Myspace)

The Jets: gay as hell

Wanna see "the Jets," the street-wise rough and tumble gang of thugs in the upcoming Broadway revival of "West Side Story"? They're one of the three photos on this page, but you have to guess which one. You'll know it's them because they look as gay as glitter dipped in skinny jeans and wrapped in an Orlando Fringe t-shirt.

Gay as all get-out, but not them.
Gaaaaaay but not them.
(Photo Credit: Gay Days)
Here they are! Wheeeee! Broadway!
(Photo Credit: Playbill)

Dave Ballentine: homeless day care center

Dave Ballentine does not like the homeless in the downtown branch of the public library. He calls the branch a "homeless day care center" and the homeless citizens who inhabit it, "bums." His Orlando Sentinel blog post is a fun read. And 23 comments later, he still hasn't changed his mind.

Florida Music Festival 2009: submit

South Beach Comedy Festival: casting call

South Beach has a comedy festival coming January 21-24, 2009 with a line up including Lewis Black, Cheech & Chong and Lisa Lampanelli. They're also holding auditions for performance spots:An open casting call will take place on Monday, January 5 from 1-6pm at the Improv Comedy Club in Coconut Grove, with semi-finalists performing on Wednesday January 7. Video clips from the top five finalists will then air on January 12t–19t on WSVN-7’s Deco Drive. Fans will have the opportunity to send a text message to vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 20 on-air and will subsequently have the opportunity to perform live on the COMEDY CENTRAL’s Lincoln Road Stage during the Festival.
Lincoln Theatre, one of the festival's venues

Colony Theatre, another venue

Broadway: viral, mobile and social marketing

Broadway shows are employing viral marketing campaigns and reaching out into the social network space for new ticket buyers, according the New York Times. Kevin McCollum, a producer of shows like "Avenue Q," "In the Heights," "Rent" and "[title of show]," said he was a strong advocate of using the Internet to reach a niche audience that might not be accessible through traditional marketing. His theory is that the more people gravitate toward technology, the more they will hunger for human interaction. "Technology is the tool, not the destination," Mr. McCollum said. "The destination is a live audience."Cell phone audio reviews:"For "Hair," which is headed to Broadway in March, fans will get the chance to text their reviews to the show's Web site immediately after a performance. This concept, known as mobile marketing, is a natural fit for live entertainment, said Situation Interactive's president, Damia…

SFWeekly offers (possible) warning for Orlando

Here's one sad story about the economy having an effect on media/coverage and it in turn having an effect on local theatre companies. SF Weekly has been forced to reduce its staff of capsule reviewers due to the lower-than-usual number of ad pages in the coming months' papers. Chloe Veltman, a theatre critic and arts journalist for the paper, and her team, feel the pain first:"The paper's coverage of theatre will drop from three plays -- my 1,000-word column plus two 200-word capsule reviews -- to just my column. The publication will not be running capsules in January. The situation is likely to remain the same in February and March at least.

This is unhappy news for my great team of capsule reviewers at SF Weekly. I'm sad about it too, as making decisions about which shows to review among the hundreds to pick from each month has been hard enough in the past. Now the task is going to be even more difficult." And then she points to the inevitable."Even mor…

LA: Coraline movie ad on Melrose Avenue

I am in LA for 2 weeks: This wall ad (which took up the width of an entire store front) on Melrose Ave for the movie Coraline caught my eye. Apparently the movie is "the first handmade movide shot in 3D" and looks amazing. Look for it in February!

Full wall 1

Full wall 2

The mirror video

Text "mirror" to 74139

Radio Rickshaw: your favorite guest?

Radio Rickshaw, Orlando's most popular podcast, is asking which past guest gave the most entertaining interview. Listen below then go vote.

Elizabeth Maupin: 8-28-08
Terry Olson: 8-28-08
Mark Baratelli: 5-11-06, 8-5-06, 8-13-08,
Beth Marshall: 5-2-06
Tod Kimbro: 9-29-08

Barneys says hi

Miss the holiday windows in New York City? We got it covered, starting off with Barneys...

Barneys New York. (Photo Credit: Rob Dicomandria)

Barneys New York. (Photo Credit: Rob Dicomandria)

Barneys New York. (Photo Credit: Rob Dicomandria)
View all the 2008 windows here.

Why not Orlando: Metromix in print

As seen in LA 12-24-08
Metromix is a business that lists local events with chains in a slew of cities across the US. In LA, I noticed they have a print version. I immediately thought, "Why not Orlando? Is it too small? Is print something new for Metromix? Is Orlando Weekly too much of a presence? If they respond to my email inquiry, I'll share it.

Live demos: bronze-casting and scuplting

(Not Maitland Art Center... but metal... and funny.)
See free live demos of sculpting, bronze-casting and jewelry fabricating Saturday, January 10, 2009 from 10 am to 3 pm at the Maitland Art Center. (231 West Packwood Avenue, Maitland, Florida 32751-5596, 407-539-2181)10 am: Lectures and demonstrations of 3D sculpting in clay and wax, with a live model

Noon: Bronze casting lectures with a full display of the "lost wax" process, with multiple pours of molten silver and bronze

2pm: Live silver casting

MTIShowspace: theatre social network

MTI Showspace is accepting requests now to be a part of it's launch in January 09. It's a social network (yes another one), but it's (a) for theatre people and (b) being produced by Music Theatre International, a Manhattan-based licensing company. If you join now, you'll "have the opportunity to use the site in its infant form and will be integral to the formation of this incredibly useful resource." The company says it will be a place to "share photos, videos, and theatre buzz" and "a resource for theatrical tips, tricks, advice and information."

What is Music Theatre International? It's a "Manhattan-based licensing company founded by Guys and Dolls composer Frank Loesser in 1952... (it) holds the rights to some of the most widely produced musicals... In addition to its catalogue of Broadway's Golden Age musicals, MTI is rapidly acquiring the rights to the latest generation of Broadway musicals..." (Source)

Photo Contest for Bach Festival Society

The Bach Festival Society will celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2010. To mark this historic occasion, the Society is partnering with the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens and Crealdé School of Art to develop an exhibition of photography that captures the spirit of the Bach Festival Society, its Choir and Orchestra, Conductor Dr. John Sinclair, and the interior and exterior of the historic Knowles Memorial Chapel on the Rollins College Campus.

Artists selected through a juried process led by Peter Schreyer, Executive Director of the Crealdé School of Art, will have an opportunity to photograph during Bach Festival rehearsals in 2009. Final images will be used to promote the 75th Annual Bach Festival in 2010 and will be installed in an exhibition at the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Gardens opening in February 2010.

Photographers must submit up to 5 samples of their work on disk in .jpg format of 300 dpi or 8" x 10" prints to: The Bach Festival Society, Attn: Pho…

Discounts via email

Terry Olson told me to join the Red Chair Rewards email list and get a heads up about Central Florida event discounts and now I am telling you.

Motion: a Tampa Bay film festival

Motion Film Festival will start off it's very first year in Tampa Bay, Florida May 1-2, 2009, and is now accepting submissions. Submissions must be less than 25 minutes and fall into 1 of 3 categories: dramatic short, animated short, or documentary short. Submission deadline is February 1st, with a late deadline of March 1st. Applicants will be notified by March 31st if their film is selected for screening.MOTION Film Festival began with the idea of CANVAS, an Art Premier and brainchild of Mike Deserio and Bobby Triplett. Their goal was to hold an event that could reach out to the art community of Tampa Bay and act as springboard for creativity and excellence.

Over its last four installments, CANVAS has been recognized as “one of the biggest and best known independent series in Central Florida,” according to Scott Harrell of REAX Magazine.

To keep up the positive momentum, Deserio and Triplett decided to launch the MOTION Film Festival May 1 – 2. The festival boasts awards prizes i…

You have to meet The Bantering Idiots

TDC: Who are The Bantering Idiots and what do you do?

The Bantering Idiots' Craig Norberg: The Bantering Idiots are Craig Norberg, Bill Martini, Edward Arnold, Erick Cordero, and Jessica Walker. The radio show on WPRK is a fun comedy talk show. Lots of self-deprecating humor. Bill and I (Craig) are stand up comedians.

Ed, Erick and Jessica are great at personal talk. Ed's been homeless and been robbed at gunpoint. Jessica discussed a family member's wedding as they listened without her knowing it. Erick caught his girlfriend of 4 years cheating on him with a woman. He also shared a great story about his blind date sneaking off to "the restroom" only to catch her making out with their waiter.

TDC: You just won a contest. What who when where?

Craig: We submitted a demo of our show to a contest on called "America's Next Great Talk Stud." Viewers voted on their favorite shows, the top 5 were chosen to be judged by djs on 97.1 KLSX FM and we won.

TDC: …

An electric menorah, dreidels & iced tea

Orlando-based performance artist Brian Feldman (I am a Red Chair, Link 33, Pillowlando, Leap Year Day) is getting his family back to the dinner table for the debut show from his new Orlando Jewish Theatre company.

Their neighbors call the the Feldmans, but we audience members know them as The Feldman Dynamic: Adrienne (the sister), Edward Alan (the Dad), Marilyn (the Mom) and Brian (Best Performance Art - Orlando Weekly's Best of Orlando 2008).

They're show is simple: they eat dinner and you watch. They've done it on stage, in peoples' homes and now will present their show at the unlikliest of all places for a family to eat while celebrating Chanukah: Cracker Barrel®.

"There will be an electric menorah, dreidels and iced tea."
The "show" is FREE to attend and you're invited to join The Feldman Dynamic at their table and order anything off the menu... at your expense.Sunday, December 21 at 7:00 p.m. (First Night of Chanukah)
Cracker Barrel Old Countr…

Katie Hammond: cabaret in Altamonte

Katie Hammond is doing another cabaret, this time with Elaine Pechacek, Chase Padgett and Sarah Hanchar. The only one I know is Chase who I know from SAK. He is funny and sings like Ray Charles. How can you lose with that combo? And yeah the thing is in Altamonte Springs. But hey, a great reason to get out to that part of the city!

Monday December 29, 8pm, Free admission
Steinway Piano Gallery: 303 E Altamonte Drive, Suite 1225, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Katie at 2008 Fringe preview

Orlando Fringe Festival: design the 09 poster

"For the next months" the Orlando Fringe Festival is accepting art submissions that will become the face of their 2009 Fringe campaign. If your art is selected, it will be seen on their 2009 poster, program cover, T-shirts and buttons. You also receive a 2009 Fringe Superpass, an invite to the 2009 VIP Gala and credit credit on the poster, program and Fringe website. Read the guidelines and bookmark The Daily City's 2009 Fringe Guide.

National Geographic photo come to life: Colonel Joseph Kittinger

Colonel Joseph Kittinger: "I said a prayer, 'Lord, take care of me now,' and I jumped out. That was the most fervent prayer I ever said in my life." (Photo Credit: Volkmar K. Wentzel/National Geographic Image Collection)

Colonel Joseph Kittinger, one of Central Florida's most distinguished local heroes, will speak at an event presented by the Orange County Regional History Center Tuesday, January 6, 2009. A 6:30 p.m. cocktail reception will be followed by a 7 p.m. program featuring first-hand accounts of Kittinger’s daring feats followed by a Q&A.Tickets for this event cost $10 for Members of the Historical Society of Central Florida and $25 for non-members. Call (407) 836-7010 to R.S.V.P. by December 29, 2008. The presentation is recommended for adults and children ages 13 and up. For general information, call (407) 836-8500.Last April, Kittinger received the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum's highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement in Aviation Award, fo…

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